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change [1].


Pronunciation: \'ch[macron over a]nj\




1 : to make or become different <changing autumn leaves> <I like how you've changed this room.>

2 : to give a different position, course, or direction to <I changed my plans.>

3 : to put one thing in the place of another : switch <Our teacher made us change places.>

4 : to give or receive an equal amount of money in usually smaller units of value or in the money of another country <Can you change a ten-dollar bill?>

5 : to put fresh clothes or covering on <change a bed>

6 : to put on different clothes <We always change for dinner.>

change hands : to pass from one person's possession or ownership to another's <The restaurant has changed hands.>

synonyms: change, alter, and vary mean to make or become different. change may be used for making such a difference in a thing that it becomes something else. <They've changed the house into a restaurant.> Change may also be used for substituting one thing for another. <We changed our seats for better ones.> alter is used for making a small difference in something. <He altered the picture by adding color.> vary is used for making a difference in order to break away from a routine. <The boss varied our tasks.>

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