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I WAS shocked to learn Britney Spears is being paid a whopping PS19m to appear in Vegas. Why? I interviewed Miss Spears a couple of years ago and found her to be a pleasant, if somewhat vacuous person. I asked her to help me with my Louisiana accent for a play I was doing and I taught her a bit of Geordie. It's on YouTube if you fancy a giggle.

As my son Louis was such a big fan of hers I took him to see her in Manchester. Although Britney is not my cup of tea, for the money we paid for the tickets I thought I would at least see a spectacular perfor1mance.

Wrong. She mimed her way through all of her numbers even though her dancing wouldn't have left me out of breath.

A couple of weeks later I took my friends Janet and Ian, die-hard AC/DC fans, to see the band at the same arena. Ian had nearly fainted when I told him I knew the lead singer Brian Johnson from Newcastle.

Aged 62 "Jonna" was on stage for two and a half hours, sang live and leapt around. It was worth every penny.

Good value? Britney Spears I'd shave my head before I would go to a Britney gig again.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 19, 2013
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