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Norton SystemWorks 2003

What is it?

A utility suite.

What does it do?

SystemWorks is a collection of programs intended to keep a PC functioning at peak performance.

With it, you can defragment the hard disk, backup and uninstall old programs, securely shred unwanted files and recover files deleted by mistake.

It also helps you diagnose and resolve all manner of hardware and software problems, including those stemming from the Windows Registry (a relatively inaccessible record of everything that makes a computer tick).

This new version includes some web tools that can help cover your internet tracks by clearing out the browser's history and cache files.

It can also fool your ISP into thinking you're busy surfing the net while you're actually away from the computer, which means you can avoid any of those irritating cut-off restrictions.

Aside from all the utilities, some of which are much more useful than others, it also comes with Norton AntiVirus, an excellent and highly configurable anti-virus program.

And, as a bonus, a copy of the superb Roxio GoBack disaster recovery program is included.

How techie is it?

A mixed bag indeed. SystemWorks is designed to appeal to novices and its logical layout makes it fairly easy to figure out what does what.

In particular, there's a nice big One Button Checkup option. Beneath the surface, however, this really is a powerful collection of utilities that can reach right into Windows' darkest corners.

Do I need it?

Ah, the pounds 59.99 question!

You certainly need anti-virus protection, and Norton's version is one of the best.

But it's arguable whether you need many of the other bells and whistles, especially on a PC running Windows XP and which is behaving well.

We have to conclude that this is more of a luxury than a truly essential purchase.

Where do I get it?

From all leading computer shops.

Hard facts

System requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Pentium II processor, 64Mb RAM

Hard disk space: 350Mb free hard disk space

Price: pounds 59.99

Contact: Symantec 020 7616 5600 or www.syman
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 15, 2002
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