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Q I CONTACTED a government department recently concerning some research I am doing and got an automatically-generated message back telling me a virus had been found in a file attached to the message I sent.

Can you explain what it means please? I did not make any attachment to my email to them.

A WE don't have space to print the whole message, but the recipient's virus checker appears to have found a virus called KAKWORM.A, which attaches itself to outgoing messages as an attachment.

We usually see the shredded remains of viruses in messages when they pass through our firewall at the Mirror, but there was none in yours so it may be your computer isn't infected.

You should still install a virus checker to make sure - try http://tucows. for a selection. Anyone using the internet (and especially email) without a virus checker is a liability to themselves and anyone they contact. If your computer is clear, you may want to contact your ISP and the intended recipient in case one of their systems is to blame.

Q I HAVE recently connected to the internet and signed up with AOL for pounds 14.99 per month with no phone or other hidden charges. Is this good?

Also, while I am online, Internet Explorer keeps popping up and getting in my way. No matter how I try to get rid of it it keeps rearing its ugly head. Any suggestions?

A IF you normally use the internet for 15 hours or more a month, AOL's Flat Rate plan is good value.

You do need to gauge what your average monthly phone charges are and make sure they're over pounds 15 to benefit. The Internet Explorer problem is strange, unless you mean that extra windows open.

Some sites open irritating pop-up windows, and all you can do is close them or use WebWasher from www.web to try to stop them. If you always use a different browser to Internet Explorer, check its options to set it as your default browser.

Q HOW do I set my computer up so it tells me when I have mail, even when I'm not logged on?

A YOU can't, unfortunately. The email arrives at your service provider's computer, and your computer has to connect to that to check if anything is waiting. It can only connect via telephone lines, so there is no way to escape making the connection.

Q COULD you tell me if there is any way I can stop people from newsgroups that I send messages to from emailing me? I have been getting messages from someone and it is becoming a pain.

A MOST email programs, including Outlook Express, let you set up "rules" that can automatically delete particular email messages as soon as they arrive.

In Outlook Express, choose Message Rules, Mail, New, and follow the three steps to create a new rule for messages from that sender's email address. Rules don't stop the messages arriving, but they can prevent you from ever seeing them.

Q I HAVE a Tiny computer with a printer and scanner. However, I cannot find how to cut any photographs down to size when I send them to my son in Canada.

I have seen in your column that you advise using JPEG to do this, but I cannot find this facility in this computer. Can you tell me please how to reduce the size of any attachment?

A THE option to save a picture as a JPEG file is offered by a number of paint and graphics programs, such as Paint Shop Pro (

When saving a picture, choose File, Save As, then pick JPEG from the Save As Type list before clicking the Save button.

Most good graphics programs can also be used to start scanning the picture using the Acquire option on their menus, meaning that you can scan a photo and save it as a JPEG file all from the same program.

Q WHEN I go to Start - Programs, I used to get all my shortcuts for programs (approximately one and a half pages) with their offshoots.

Two days ago when I tried it only eight came up. If I clicked on any of the eight it said "empty".

I tried reinstalling Windows 98 and things like Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter came back, but none of my others.

A YOUR Start menu shortcuts should be kept in a folder inside your Windows folder, and it sounds as though that folder has been renamed or deleted.

Open your Windows folder, and go to the Start Menu folder. Inside you'll see a folder named Programs which was recreated when you reinstalled Windows. Hopefully you'll see another folder (that was once called Programs) containing all your missing shortcuts.

If so, you can copy the entire contents of that folder to the new Programs folder. If you can't find them, look in your Recycle Bin to see if you can recover them. Failing that, you'll have to create new shortcuts to programs by choosing the Start Menu Programs tab at Start, Settings, Taskbar and Start menu.
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Date:Apr 20, 2001
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