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QOVER five to six days, my clock losses about 30 minutes and I have to correct it through MS Dos Prompt. Surely this should not happen as it is closed down in the normal way - although not switched off at the mains - each night.

Ron Anderson

AIT doesn't matter whether the computer is switched off at the mains. A PC contains a chip called the CMOS (pronounced "see-moss"), which stores the time and date along with other things, and it's powered by its own small battery. Your CMOS battery is about to give up the ghost. It's best to replace this (or have someone replace it for you) before it actually dies so you can make a note of your CMOS settings. As your computer starts, you'll see a message to press a certain key to "enter Setup". Do that and write down the settings for each option. (Don't worry about the settings, just copy them!) You can find information on this at http://pcsupport. under "CMOS battery".

QSEVERAL times I have sent emails which the Mail Manager has returned to me. I see I have incorrectly addressed them either by leaving out a letter or using an upper case letter instead of lower case. How can I recover the message and re-address it properly? At the moment I have to completely re-type it.

Edmund Lee

ATHE quickest way is to select the message and choose Forward, then type the correct address in the To field. The message will need tidying up (each line will usually be prefixed with a > sign) but it'll still be quicker.

QPLEASE tell me why, when I have finished using Outlook Express, and wish to move to Internet Explorer, my PC disconnects then immediately redials my ISP. Why can't I remain online?

Keith Isherwood

AIT sounds as if you have Outlook Express set to hang up automatically after sending and receiving email. Go to Tools, Options, click the Connection tab and remove the check-mark beside "Hang up after sending and receiving".

QAT the moment I have Microsoft and Netscape Navigator on my computer and would like to get rid of Netscape. How do I do this successfully?

Ron Taylor

AWHENEVER you want to uninstall a program, the first port of call is to open Control Panel (from My Computer), choose the Add/Remove Programs utility and see if the program is listed. You'll certainly find Netscape listed there, so select it and then click the Add/Remove button as you wish.

QFOLLOWING up on a Help Desk question from a few weeks ago, there is a way of finding out if you have mail without having to turn on the computer. I have an Orange phone and email account. When I receive a message in my Inbox, I receive a text message free of charge from Orange. It details who the email is from and the size of the file.

Matt Jones

ATHANKS for that, Matt. You can find out more about Orange Internet at www.

QSOME time ago I used Dreamweaver to upload a web page to my ISP in my free space. I have repeatedly tried to cancel or download ALL of my site and wipe it clean. All the files are downloaded, yet they still are "on site". Any help would be welcome.

Terence Humphries

ADOWNLOADING your pages doesn't remove them from the web server (they'd disappear every time someone visited!). To remove the pages, use your FTP program to log on to your space, select each file and delete it. You can probably do this just by pressing Delete, but your FTP program's documentation should tell you how.GOT Internet problems? Got a story? Email me at or write to Carol@Mirror, The Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. Don't forget our website at:
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 8, 2002
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