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Q AS a 70-year-old just learning about computers, I'm pleased with all the help I can get. I am upgrading my PC from Windows 98 Second Edition to XP. My scanner is a Mustek and not compatible with XP. When I contacted them, the email had an attachment which was I tried opening it with WinZip but keep getting the message: WinZip cannot open this file as it does not appear to be a valid archive. Can you help?

A SOMETHING apparently went wrong with the file they sent you so it can't be used. You could ask them to send it again, or go to winxp.html where you'll find a list of Mustek products for which XP-compatible drivers are available. Look for your scanner in the list and click the Available Now link. You'll arrive at a page where you can download the file.

Q PLEASE tell me how to remove old addresses that keep appearing on the address bar. The delete key deletes it at the time but they keep re-appearing.

A THESE addresses are actually Internet Explorer's History list - the list it maintains of the sites you've visited in case you want to revisit one. Clearing the list shown in the address bar means clearing the History list, and you'll find a Clear History button under Tools, Internet Options, General. If you'd prefer that the list were never shown, go to Tools, Internet Options, Content, click the Advanced button and remove the checkmark beside "Web addresses".

QI RECEIVE various emails which come through all jumbled up and unreadable. As a small businessman, I am getting really frustrated at getting people to fax me instead.

ATHE people who send you the attachments have an email program that uses an odd system for attaching files, and one that Outlook Express doesn't understand, so it remains as gobbledegook. If you have a copy of WinZip (, it can help. Drag the message to your desktop from Outlook Express to save it as a separate file. Start WinZip, and drag-and-drop the saved file into the WinZip window. It will display a warning, but it will succeed in decoding the attachment (an Excel spreadsheet). You can then drag the spreadsheet's icon from WinZip to your desktop, close WinZip, and delete that temporary copy of the email.

QWHEN I switch on, I get a message MS-DOS PROMPT plus "extract cabinet filename source". It seems I might have gone into settings in error?

AIT seems there is a program called EXTRACT.EXE that has been set to run as soon as Windows starts. You may be able to find a shortcut to this program in Start menu/Programs/Startup. Drag it on to your desktop, restart you computer and see if the problem has gone. If it has, you can delete that shortcut from the desktop. If you don't see a likely shortcut in the Startup folder, grab a copy of Advanced Startup Manager from, which lists all the programs that run automatically and lets you "switch them off" with clicks.

QI CANNOT open my emails that come with an attachment that says PPS. All other emails open successfully.

ATHE .PPS file extension indicates the file is a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow. If you don't have PowerPoint, download a free viewer from the Microsoft web site. It takes a bit of finding, but go to www., click Downloads, then click the PowerPoint link. Clear the checkboxes beside Updates and Add-ins and check the box labelled Converters and Viewers, then click Update List to see a short list of viewers.

QWHEN in Microsoft Word, all I have on screen is the Tool Bar. To get out of Word all I have is the X top right. Can I correct it?

AWORD lets you hide or show its individual toolbars (it has quite a number). If you can see the menu bar at the very top of the window (File, Edit, View, etc) click on View, move down to Toolbars and choose Customize. If you can't see it, right-click on the toolbar you can see and choose Customize from the popup menu. On the Toolbars tab of the window that appears, check off the items you want. Check Menu Bar, Standard and Formatting (the correct item should appear in the Word window as you check its box) then click Close.

QWHEN I log on to the internet, an error box comes up with Wnad: This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down. How can I stop this happening?

ATHE program causing the problem, wnad.exe, is known as a "spyware" program, which downloads advertisements while you're surfing. Find removal instructions at McAfee AntiVirus's web site ( Removing it involves editing your system registry, a vital part of Windows, so follow the clear instructions to the letter.
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Date:Jan 31, 2003
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