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Byline: Carol Vorderman

NOW that personal computers have been around for a good few years, most people now think nothing of adding extra memory or installing a new sound card.

Even upgrading the processor - the brain of the PC - is commonplace. Many users are confident enough to build their own PC and use the processor as the starting point for creating a customised system.

When it comes to choosing a processor, AMD's Athlon XP family is an ideal choice offering real power and performance at a very reasonable price. Whether you want to play the latest 3D action games, explore multimedia photo, video and audio applications or just want to get the very best performance from standard business software, the Athlon XP is the ideal workhorse.

As the name implies, the Athlon XP has been specially designed to work best with Windows XP (but will also work fine with older versions of Windows) and so is best suited as an upgrade to a reasonably modern PC or as part of a new system. Popular models are the XP2000+, XP2200+ and XP2400+. The "+" is used to give a mark of comparison because, unlike their Intel Pentium rivals, which are described by their clock speed (such as 2.8GHz), AMD has designed the Athlon XP to produce equivalent performance to an Intel Pentium but at a much lower clock speed.

AMD Athlon processors are available from selected branches of The Computer World. Prices start at pounds 69.99 for the XP2000+.

Call 0870 830 3159 for your nearest store or visit the website
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2003
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