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QIS there a directory (like a phone book) with a list of all accessible websites?

ASUCH a directory is impossible. Every day hundreds of sites are created or removed, and millions of web pages are changed, so no directory could keep up. Search engines like are the only way to find up-to-date information.

If you know the address of a site (for example, you see it on an advert or packaging) you don't need a search engine - you just start your browser application, type the address into the Address box and press Enter.

QWHEN I was online with Windows 98, there would always be a prompt to disconnect the modem when I closed my home page. Since changing to Windows XP the prompt no longer appears, which means I have to shut down my computer to disconnect. Is there any way I can get the prompt to reappear?

AYOU don't have to shut down Windows to disconnect - just double-click the two-screen icon beside the clock and click Disconnect. To make the Disconnect dialog appear again when you close Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options and click Connections. Select your connection and click Settings. In the next dialog box that opens, click Advanced. Check the box labelled "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed", then click OK in each of the three open dialog boxes.

QI HAVE accessed a website that displays webcams in Vancouver. When I click on them, the picture frame and the scene title is displayed but no picture, just a red X in the top left corner of the frame. I'm using Windows XP.

ATHE page probably uses a program called a Java applet to display webcam images, and to see them you need a Java plug-in. Windows XP doesn't include this (although earlier Windows versions did), and without it your browser can't display the images so it displays that red X instead. At java. com click the big green box at the top of the page, you can download and install the Java plug-in.
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Date:Oct 29, 2004
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