Printer Friendly Formula fun time.

PC racing games have really come of age, offering a choice of cars, realistic performance, different views and a whole range of tracks and conditions.

The big drawback has always been controlling the game. Using the keyboard or a joystick can be hard work but the Guillemot Ferrari Force Feedback Racing Wheel makes you feel like you are right in the driver's seat.

Designed to give maximum comfort to all hand sizes (why should kids have all the fun?) the wheel is finished in smart silver and black and comes complete with two heavy-duty floor pedals for hard acceleration and rapid braking.

If you prefer, you can control everything from the wheel as progressive braking and acceleration levers are within easy reach. A sturdy clamp keeps the wheel securely on your tabletop so you are always in complete control.

Just like on the Ferrari Formula 1 car there is a push-button gear change or you can use a gearshift lever for rallying or Touring Car games. Nearby, a whole array of buttons give you total control over your game - all easily programmed with the software that comes with the wheel.

Best of all, the hefty force feedback motor means you feel the action too. Most of the top racing games now support force feedback and the wheel can produce up to 27 different forces so you feel every jolt, kerb, gear change, acceleration, collision and slide. It's the next best thing to being there.

All budding Schumachers who want to test their driving skills can get the Guillemot Ferrari Force Feedback Racing Wheel for around pounds 79.99 from stockists nationwide, www.timex or by calling 0870 830 3130.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 11, 2001
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