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Q I HAVE been trying to put a pop-up on my site but am not having much luck. I want to be able to click on a small image and get a pop-up page for a large view of an image - but I do not want to have to click the Back button on the browser and wait for the original page to reload afterwards.

Bill Perman

AYOU need to make the image load in a new window, rather than the current one. To do this, use the TARGET attribute to give the name of the frame or window. HTML includes a built-in way of doing this: Target = "new". So your complete tag would look like this: A HREF = "bigimage.jpg" TARGET = "new". Making a window open at a particular size or position is more complicated - find details in the Programming/ JavaScript section at http://hot wired.lycos. com/web monkey.

QI NEVER open attachments, so do I still need to get a virus checker?

David Gray

AATTACHED files do pose the biggest risk. But viruses contained in HTML messages may not be caught by your email program's built-in security. There are also risks in programs, some documents downloaded from the net or received on floppy disk, CD-Rom or via a network. By not opening attachments you are avoiding some risk but it's a bit like locking the door and leaving the windows open.

Q HOW can I send text messages to a mobile phone via a computer?


AA FEW websites will let you send SMS messages to mobiles via the net. The simplest is from the Lycos search engine folk: go to and you can send as many free messages as you like.

Q I BOUGHT a used IBM Aptiva 98 a while back but didn't realise I would need the Windows CD for certain installations. Is there any way of getting one? Also, I don't seem to have Word or Excel, which I thought were automatically installed.


A SADLY, you'll have to buy a copy (but think about upgrading to Windows Me). You could run a search of the hard disk looking for "" - this is the name of one of the Windows set-up files, so if you find it, the CD contents are probably in the same folder. Word and Excel are applications that can be bought separately or as part of Microsoft Office.

Q MY system has Windows Me and, in a folder called My Pictures, you could see eight little thumbnails, eg iceberg, cliff in clouds. Everything was fine until I loaded the other software from Tiny - and now

I can no longer see the small photos.

Andy Cox

ATHE thumbnail view is something you can switch on for any folder. After opening the My Pictures folder, go to the View menu and click on Thumbnails. The tiny previews of each picture will reappear. Thumbnail view is best avoided unless you've got a large hard disk, or only a few pictures. Windows creates a hidden file containing every picture - and that hidden file can be pretty huge.

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carol@ help desk.
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