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break [1].


Pronunciation: \'br[macron over a]k\


broke \'br[macron over o]k\

bro*ken \'br[macron over o]-k[schwa]n\


1 : to separate into parts especially suddenly or forcibly <break a stick> <break into groups>

2 : to cause (a bone) to separate into two or more pieces

3 : to stop working or cause to stop working because of damage or wear <I broke my watch.>

4 : to fail to keep <broke the law> <break a promise>

5 : to force a way <They broke out of jail.>

6 : to cut into and turn over <break the soil>

7 : to go through : penetrate <break the skin> <. . . she broke through the surface of the water . . . Kevin Henkes, Olive's Ocean>

8 : [sup.2]tame <break a wild horse>

9 : to do better than <broke the school record>

10 : to interrupt or put an end to : stop <A shout broke the silence.> <Let's break for lunch.>

11 : to reduce the force of <break a fall>

12 : to develop or burst out suddenly <Day is breaking.> <They broke into laughter.>

13 : to make known <broke the news>

14 : solve <break a code>

15 : [sup.1]change 4 <break a ten-dollar bill>

16 : to run or flee suddenly <break for cover>

break down 1 : to stop working properly <The car broke down.> 2 : to separate or become separated into simpler substances : decompose 3 : to be overcome by emotion <broke down in tears> 4 : to knock down <break down a door>

break out 1 : to develop a skin rash 2 : to start up suddenly <A fight broke out.>

break up 1 : to separate into parts <The meteor broke up in the earth's atmosphere.> 2 : to bring or come to an end <The party broke up late.> 3 : to end a romantic relationship

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