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an e-recruiting solution for your association

As the Internet's profound effect on business grows, it becomes increasingly important for associations to learn about and leverage the technological advancements that can benefit membership-based organizations. To stay competitive in today's environment, you must be proactive and adaptable to the changing needs and desires of your membership. For example, no longer is a simple home page sufficient to address the changing needs of your membership. Associations need to be able to execute business through a Web site, becoming an industry portal that leverages the power of the Internet by offering content and e-commerce applications to members. And Boxwood Technology can help.

"Obviously our members are involved with our association to advance their careers. We had a Web site with a section dedicated to job postings, but what was missing were the interactive services we found with Boxwood's fully functional CareerCenter. Based on the amount of administrative time we were spending with our other job-posting system, it was a no-brainer to outsource it to Boxwood."--Kathy Harding, director of career services, Association for Financial Professionals

One of the most important benefits a professional association can offer its members is access to broad peer networks and professional development opportunities. However, even if your organization represents companies, and professional development is outside your association's core mission, the explosion of electronic recruiting activity makes job-posting and job-search features a highly effective tool for increasing your Internet presence and providing additional benefits for your members. Boxwood's Community [CareerCenter.sup.TM] application was developed specifically with associations in mind. The CareerCenter is a fully outsourced, turnkey, electronic, career-center solution that helps you enhance member services, expand your reach, and compete in today's competitive e-commerce marketplace by offering a simple and strategic way to market job posting and search technology while retaining your own brand identity Boxwood's private-label technology quickly and seamlessly integrates with your organization's cu rrent Web pages; the company name doesn't appear anywhere on your site, and there are no hot-links or logos luring users elsewhere. Boxwood gives you the tools to be an important employment resource to your members without committing precious resources to its deployment.

"Boxwood has worked closely and enthusiastically in tailoring a "Career Center" for the Reserve Officers Association. Accessible through our Web site, the 'ROA CareerCenter' provides a tangible and positive value-added benefit to our members. Accommodating young officers just coming off active duty, and mid-range age reserve officers seeking to make a career move into the civilian sector, it was exactly what we needed to fill a 'gap' for our members. Boxwood personnel have been fully engaged, and terrifically supportive in getting us up and running. "--Barton Campbell, director of marketing and membership, Reserve Officers Association

Boxwood's CareerCenters provide immediate value

* Your CareerCenter is a fully outsourced e-commerce business solution including customer service, accounting, marketing materials, technical support, and ongoing product development and enhancement.

* There's no cost to implement the technology.

* With an established database of jobs and job seekers, your members will see activity and results immediately, providing an invaluable new member benefit.

* The technology generates an ongoing stream of nondues revenue.

* Your Web site gets more visitors, which means more visibility for your organization and your other member benefits.

* You gain a strategic advantage to compete with threatening commercial "vertical portals" in your industry that already offer online job posting and search services, and threaten to lure your members away.

* All job postings get maximum exposure from automatic distribution to our network of client sites (over 40 and growing); including industry-specific, geographic, and commercial career sites.

* Plus, you get an unlimited job posting package and a candidate tracking/job management system for internal association staff job openings.

"One member appreciated the detail he could include with his posting, compared to the limited space offered by a classified ad. Another member said he got more responses to his ad posted through our online CareerCenter than he did through traditional recruitment methods."
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