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boris 'swore & threatened me' Ex-wife pal's shock claim.

Byline: BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor

BY BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor TORY leadership favourite Boris Johnson faced new claims over his temper yesterday as a friend of his former wife said he threatened her in a bar.

Louisa Gosling said she was "scared" by the incident, which happened 30 years ago after Mr Johnson's then wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, fled to her flat after a row.

Ms Mostyn-Owen is believed to have made a serious allegation about Mr Johnson's conduct to her. She said his temper was "frightening", according to Ms Gosling.

Mr Johnson, who was living with his wife in Brussels at the time, later confronted Ms Gosling in a street in the Belgian capital, where she was also based.

"He jabbed a finger into my back. 'Are you Louisa Gosling?' was his opening line," she told the Sunday Times. "He grabbed my arm and said, 'Come in here'."

'." They went into a bar where Ms Gosling says Mr Johnson swore and wasCLAIMS Ms Gosling says she felt bullied and scared "angry" and "shaky". She said: "He was looming over me, bullying me. I was scared."

When Ms Gosling asked to leave she claims he said: "If you dare tell anyone anything she has said about me, or any of her lies ..." She added: "There was a sort of menacing, 'If you tell anyone I will know'."

Ms Gosling decided to go public after last weekend's revelation that police were called to the flat Mr Johnson shares with girlfriend Carrie Symonds following a row.

UNPREDICTABLE Boris Johnson is facing scrutiny Ms Gosling said: "I have to support what others have said about him - he is a very unfit, unstable, unpredictable, potentially angry, fly-off-the-handle kind of guy." Ms Mostyn-Owen, who met Mr Johnson when they were students at Oxford, declined to comment. Mr Johnson's spokesman also refused to comment. @benglaze KEVIN MAGUIRE: PAGE 10


CLAIMS Ms Gosling says she felt bullied and scared

UNPREDICTABLE Boris Johnson is facing scrutiny

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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