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book - Creating market segments.

Market segmentation is a pivotal tool for conducting customer analysis and devising a clear-cut positioning strategy. However, it is extremely difficult for a company to implement the process in its business strategy in an effective manner.

Market Segmentation Success: Making It Happen makes some pertinent observations on how market segmentation and target market selection can be integrated into a firm's business model.

What sets it apart from other books on the subject is its clear and consistent overview of key details. It does not rely on jargon to analyze the importance of creating market segments. To the contrary, it offers an interesting and well thought-out approach to such complex issues as how market segments can be created, what problems are involved in this process and how they can be overcome. All the concepts discussed in the book have been substantiated through credible illustrations, graphs and examples.

The book explores the key principles and foundations of segmentation to highlight the type of problems faced in this regard. A whole spectrum of customer needs and methodologies have also been cited to demonstrate how these problems can be diagnosed and overcome. It provides 30 rules on how market segmentation can be successfully accomplished.

Clearly structured and easy-to-read, Market Segmentation Success: Making It Happen is a useful guide to an intricate process and will appeal to students, business practitioners and educators working within the sphere of marketing. F

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Date:Sep 30, 2011
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