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IM SECURITY FOR regular users of instant messaging, such as MSN Messenger, or the AOL variety - AIM - here's a word of advice on file sharing.

Using these programs it is possible to directly send or receive a file/picture/MP3 from your computer to that of the person you are chatting to.

Conversely, the other person can do the same, and when the file transfer is over, a link pops into your chat window, which makes it convenient to click and open the received file.

But, if the received file has sinister intentions, it is possible for you to ``execute`` it simply by clicking on the link.

Next time you receive a file via an instant messenger program, surf to the folder which receives the file and scan it for viruses first.

Better safe than sorry!

XP COMPATIBLE One for the forum members this: If you have recently upgraded to the latest Windows operating system, (Windows XP) and are experiencing difficulties getting some of your programs or hardware to work, try using the clever compatibility mode tool. The wizard emulates the earlier operating systems such as Win 95/98/ME and make it possible to continue using software or hardware not specifically designed to be used with XP.

Simply locate the exe file of the program you wish to use, right click on it and select Properties.

Click on the compatibility tab, check <run this program in compatibility mode> and select the OS you used previously.

Then try the program again. Note however, that this may not work for every program.

TOOLBARS TIP IF you regularly open My Computer to access files, hard drives etc, try this tip to make life just a bit easier. Left click and hold your My Computer icon and drag it to the left of the desktop so your icon vanishes off the screen, and release it.

A new toolbar is created containing the contents of My Computer.

To remove it again, right click on a clear part of the new toolbar, select Toolbars and click to remove the tick. Your icon is restored as it was.

You can use this tip with other system icons such as My Documents, My Network Places etc IAN MALLEY
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 14, 2002
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