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blow [1].


Pronunciation: \'bl[macron over o]\


blew \'blu\

blown \'bl[macron over o]n\


1 : to move or be moved usually with speed and force <Wind is blowing from the north.> <The door blew shut.>

2 : to move in or with the wind <Dust blew through the cracks.>

3 : to send forth a strong stream of air from the mouth or from a bellows <If you are cold, blow on your hands.>

4 : to make a sound or cause to sound by blowing <The whistle blows loudly.> <Blow your horn.>

5 : to clear by forcing air through <Blow your nose.>

6 : to shape by forcing air into <The workers showed how they blow glass.>

7 : to enter or leave very quickly <She blew into the room.>

8 : to fail in performing or keeping <The actor blew his lines.> <The team blew a big lead.>

blow*er \'bl[macron over o]-[schwa]r\ noun

blow over : to pass without effect <His anger will blow over.>

blow up 1 : explode 1 2 : to fill with a gas <blow up a balloon>

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