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Michael Gove commits to DRS, but the arguments are far from over 'How late it was, how late.' No, we're not talking about the UK government's consultation on DRS. This was the title of Michael Gove's speech yesterday, as he appealed to save the planet (and possibly his place in a Boris Johnson cabinet). Gove nailed his colours to the mast of an 'all in' system, including all sizes of bottles, and glass as well as plastic.

Ian Quinn, 17 July Our food system must change, but there's only so much it can do Brits simply have less money to spend on food. Household budgets are already tight and in some areas of our society, parents are already being forced to choose whether to eat themselves or feed their children. If we overhaul the British food system without keeping that in mind, we risk creating a situation whereby only the wealthy can afford homegrown food Carina Perkins, 16 July Why chefs can rest easy about the microwave meal Marcus Wareing warned the nation was "wasting time on our phones" rather than whipping up meals in the kitchen. Amid the collective social media obsession, he fears our cooking prowess will soon be limited to plonking a bit of plastic in the microwave. But the data isn't all pointing towards a cooking apocalypse. Last year, growth in ready meals slowed to less than half that of the year before.

Emma Weinbren, 15 July You can subscribe to the Daily Bread blog and the new finance newsletter and blog at

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Date:Jul 20, 2019
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