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Byline: Compiled by Nathan Bevan

The Chuckle Brothers @ St David's Hall, Cardiff, Tomorrow

ASTONIGHINGLY, Chucklevision has been running on TV for 20 years, particularly baffling because it appears to only have one plotline: the weasel-faced Rotherham mirthmeisters are asked to look after a hotel/stately home/cod farm for a weekend, despite a glaring lack of any formal qualifications or experience, cause havoc and get chased around for a bit by the returning owner.

Still, it's worked for them - even surviving an embarrassing tabloid episode in 2005 when Barry confessed to sending "fruity" e-mails to a married mum - so don't expect a wild change of direction in this, their latest live show. Indiana Chuckles and the Kingdom of the Mythical Sulk sees the pair head off to seek "ancient treasures and mysteries of an old and forgotten tribe" in a faraway land - with, no doubt, hilarious consequences. And there's even an appearance by the pair's other two brothers, Jimmy and Brian.

All good clean fun then for the pair variously described as "zany", "slapstick", "madcap" and - at least by Sally Williams, the recipient of Barry's e-mails, "a slimebag and a sleaze ball who could have wrecked my life".

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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 10, 2008
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