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atLast!--the world's 'first enhanced multifocal'.

NEW atLast! from Norville is designed to replace lined multifocals and to restore the intermediate vision which bifocal wearers have found missing. According to Norville, although bifocals work well for very close reading, they provide no correction at all for intermediate distances, so bifocal wearers are missing an important part of today's demanding visual environments.

Trifocals could restore the intermediate, but they create other problems. Progressive lenses provide intermediate correction nevertheless, for several reasons are not always the lens of choice. Until now, bifocal wearers have had to accept the missing intermediate.

However, according to Norville, unlike traditional flat tops, atLast! provides patients with an expansive intermediate vision. There is said to be 70% less power jump at the top of the segment.

A new "fourth zone" of far intermediate is now available for the flat top bifocal and trifocal wearer and atLast! is said to offer distance correction plus continuous vision from 14 inches to about five feet.


Norville believes that the enhanced multifocal is a revolutionary composite lens, combining unique technologies and proven lens materials which is more appealing cosmetically since the segment is virtually invisible, see above.

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Publication:Optometry Today
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Date:May 8, 2009
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