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ask a girl.

Ask a Girl is an advice column for girls, by girls. Thanks to our online members who ask questions and give great advice!

Dear Ask a Girl:

I love my mom so much, but lately I have been really snappy with her and I don't know why. I feel like I'm not showing her how much I love her and instead been quite unkind. Is this normal?

Confused, 11


Dear Confused,

Yes, it is normal. You are just going through puberty, and this happens toevery girl. You are not alone!

Fiona, 11


Dear Confused,

It could literally just be hormones. I went through a really rough patch with my mom where we fought every day for about a month. I even stopped speaking to her for a few days. We've patched things up, and are now just as close as ever.

When you feel you can, tell your mom you love her and that you've just been feeling really agitated lately. There is a 99.99% chance that she will totally understand.

Erin, 9


Dear Confused,

I feel this way sometimes, too. Not just with my mom, but with others as well. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day or something is bothering me, I'll take out my frustration on others. I feel ashamed afterwards and tell myself that I won't do it again, but that's easier said than done. At times like this, I try to remember all my mom does for me and how much I love her.

It's normal for people to get snappy with their parents, especially when we're teenagers and tweens. It's really good that you're aware of how you're feeling and what you're doing.

Diane, 14


Lately I've been really snappy with my mom.

Dear Ask a Girl:

I've developed a crush on this boy (let's call him "D") in my music class. I'm pretty sure that he has a crush on me. He seems to like it when I chase him. He sometimes looks at me in class and makes a silly face. D is really kind and silly, but I don't know how to talk to him!

Kind Crush, 9


Dear Kind Crush,

I know this sounds cheesy but just be yourself. Try to become friends with him and see what you have in common. If he doesn't like you, then you can just move on. You should continue to be his friend, but be prepared that things don't always work out. If he is as kind and funny as he sounds, hang out and see what happens.

Ella, 12

New York

Dear Kind Crush,

With my crush, I decided my first goal was to just become friends with him. Pretend he is just another one of your friends, despite your feelings for him. Good luck!

Natalie, 14


Dear Kind Crush,

Just be yourself, and if he doesn't like you, then he doesn't deserve you. Remember, you are beautiful, no matter what happens with him!

Sophie, 12

North Carolina

Dear Kind Crush,

Try passing notes with him or other random stuff. Find out what you have in common. Invite him to the park or other fun stuff with you.

Sparrow, 12


Dear Ask a Girl:

I recently turned 12 years old (yay!), and I'm considering looking for babysitting jobs. But I'm not sure I'll like it. Do you have any advice for me if I do start?

Babysit?, 12


Dear Babysit?,

I babysit and it's really fun. It's interesting how some three-year-olds can play the same thing for a long time without wanting to try something different. If you like entertaining little kids, then you should totally try.

Tessa, 11


Dear Babysit?,

Check to see if there's a Red Cross babysitting camp offered near you.

Tana, 11


Dear Babysit?,

I really enjoy babysitting because not only do I adore kids, I get money. The Red Cross class is very helpful. I'd suggest that you start by being a mother's helper, where you help a mom care for the kids while she's still in the house.

Talk with your parents to see what babysitting situations are comfortable for both them and you. Make a form that has useful questions to ask the family. It's important that you are patient and love kids if you plan to babysit a lot. Even the most angelic kid in the universe can be very frustrating at times! A sense of humor helps as well. Hope it works out for you!

Cat the Lover of Cats, 12


Dear Babysit?,

I was a mother's helper when I was 10 and it was pretty fun. Last year, I started babysitting three nine-year-old girls, and it's a lot more fun now that I'm more mature. I'd say 12 is old enough to babysit, but don't do it if you don't feel ready.

Get a babysitting notebook, and log some info each time you babysit so you remember details such as which activities and food the kids like, any medications or allergies they have, and their doctor's contact info. You can keep track of your earnings here, too.

Before the parents leave, make sure you get ALL the information you need such as their phone numbers and where they'll be and when they'll get home; when the kids go to bed; what they'll eat; and anything else. Having all the information in one place should help you feel confident.

Quincy, 13

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