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ask Carol.

QIN December I came across a large strelitzia, bird of paradise. I potted it up and it now has shoots 3in and 8in long. I wish to divide it but should I leave it to get more established? GARY, BY EMAIL AHAVE a go now. Once strelitzia get going they are difficult to deal with - after all they're members of the banana family.

Prise each section away from the next so you end up with separate pieces, each with its own roots and a shoot.

Pot up in loam-based potting compost. But don't overpot - they flower better if roots are confined.

Caption in here herwgewg QWHICH annuals are good for companion planting with my veg? CHRISTINE SOMERS ABRING in pollinating insects, bees and hover flies with pollen and nectarrich flowers. Calendulas are easy and aromatic. Their scent may also put off aphis. Limnanthes, the poached egg plant, flowers for months and will self-seed. Grow sweet peas and runner beans together - the perfume and colour will draw in insects to pollinate the beans.


Calendulas will help attract bees to pollinate your veg

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 18, 2015
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