Zulkifar Mirza says Zardari is his biggest enemy.

Karachi -- Dissident Pakistan Peoples Party leader and former Home Minister of Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza Friday said that CoChairman Asif Ali Zardari was his greatest friend and he went to any extreme in friendship with him, but now he is the biggest enemy of Zardari.

In an TV interview, the emotional Mirza said that he tolerated every Tom, Dick and Harry in friendship with Zardariand he was even ready to sacrifice his life for him for the sack of friendship, but now onward he was no more a friend of mine rather biggest enemy.

He dubbed his friendturnedfoe as 'corrupt from head to toe".

"I am now calling a spade a spade after seeing people suffering badly due to bad governance in the province led by Asif Ali Zardari, explained the incensed PPP leader," he added.

He blamed Zardari for being hell bent on acquiring properties forcefully and on his own terms.

He lambasted business tycoon Malik Riaz for 'robbing' poor to serve the rich. He dubbed him as the murderer of his mother. When asked to elaborate how he is murderer of his mother, Mirza said that Sindh was his mother and he was murdering 'Sindh Dharti' by grabbing its land.

He announced to revenge the 'killing of Sindh Dharti".

He alleged that Riaz has acquired wealth through illegal means and now frittering away, thus earning title of 'Robin Hood'.

Whoever earns through legal means does not ever fritter away money, he added.

He said many people in the PPP became from the poor to the richest, but never spent a penny on the party.

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