Telly: Inside story of Hitler's gruesome deathbunker; Inside Hitler's Bunker: The True Story (five,8pm).

FOCUS on the underground headquarters whereAdolf Hitler,his wife Eva Braun,Goebbels and his wife all committed suicide on April 30,1945. The Goebbels' six children were also poisoned by their parents.

Author Anthony Beevor says: ``The bunker has captured the public imagination mainly because it was the final,gruesome death rattle of the Third Reich.''

The Soviets attempted to destroy it in 1947,and East German communists also had a go in 1988, shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Here,historian Daniel Martinez and his team of experts attempt to recreate the subterranean base and work out if any of it remains by using various pieces of archive material.

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