Snake scare for Oz Scots.

Byline: Roddy Duncan

SCOTLAND'S rugby stars had yet another jittery encounter with wildlife Down Under yesterday - this time it was with one of the deadliest snakes in the world An Australian death adder, estimated to be up to EIGHT FEET long, was spotted just yards away from where the World Cup squad players were training.

The slithery spectator at the Scots' HQ on the Queensland Gold Coast has the fastest strike of any snake - as well as a lethal bite.

Scrum-half Rory Lawson spied the sinister serpent and later said: "I am pleased we have done agility training."

Lawson added on his Twitter site: "We had four or five kangaroos that were keen on joining in our session - more welcome and useful than the seven-foot snake."

MONSTROUS Scotland skipper Al Kellock couldn't hide his relief at not being around at the same time as the reptile.

He said: "I am pretty happy to have avoided the snake.

"The size seems to vary depending on who you speak to - from four feet to a monstrous eight feet."

The close encounter came just 24 hours after a group of Scotland players were divebombed by a flock of sharpbeaked ibis birds.

Earlier in the week, squad members playing golf managed to sidestep a kangaroo renowned for beating up passers-by.

Scotland will remain in Queensland until the middle of next week when they fly to New Zealand to prepare for their World Cup opener against Romania in Invercargill a week today.


DEADLY J Aussie adder

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