Each Day is a Gift EACH day is a gift Sent from God above You never know Who is in charge When you sail that barge Or ride your bike Or swim the channel The gifts we all have Must shine and praise The invisible God for each day It might be cold or wet or Sunshine Never let the weather spoil Your happiness it's in your heart You can feel it the mind can play Tricks but who knows how you Feel We can programme the mind And think of who you would Like to be but like the sea it Has its own energy that Can power you and the World To give each day a sparkling View and paint pictures of old And new God bless your best shot and Dream and put some seeds Into a pot.

KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell, Ouch RUDELY touched on my spine, then yanked backwards by my sides.

I was stood doing nothing, amongst others, not trying to hide.

Turned left then right, flipped left again, then completely turned around. Spun once more from top to bottom, because I'm still upside down. Then thrown down on my back, front opened to take a look. My life just isn't easy, as a child's favourite book.


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