Mumps outbreaks among Tashkent children.

Doctors in Tashkent have recently observed dozens of cases of mumps among children, UzNews reported.

"We've received children with mumps from Chilanzar, Yunus-Abad, Mirobadsky and Yakkasarsky districts. They are mostly schoolchildren but we've seen a few younger kids as well," according to a pediatrician from a private clinic in Tashkent.

School teachers and parents also confirm recent cases of mumps in schools.

Despite the fact that the outbreak is widespread, doctors say that this will not turn into an epidemic. They are certain that only around five percent of children may be affected. Cases of infection need to surpass the five percent threshold in order to be considered an epidemic in accordance with WHO norms.

Still, public and private doctors have reportedly received a directive from the Health Ministry to register mumps cases as acute respiratory viral infection.

Schools in Uzbekistan have received a similar official recommendation, obliging teachers to convince parents to tell other people that their children are sick from the flu or ARVI rather than from mumps.A quarantine being declared in schools and kindergartens, where children have been diagnosed with mumps, was prohibited as well.

Doctors do not believe that stopping schools from closing will lead to an epidemic, but do believe that it will increase the number of sick children.

Mumps (epidemic parotitis) is a viral disease caused by the mumps virus. Before the development of vaccination and the introduction of a vaccine, it was a common childhood disease worldwide. The symptoms are generally not severe in children. In teenage males and men, complications such as infertility or subfertility are more common, although still rare in absolute terms. The disease is generally self-limiting, running its course before receding, with no specific treatment apart from controlling the symptoms with pain medication.

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