Lib Dems sold their soul; YourSay.

HOW sad to witness the death rattle of a doomed party in the guise of Birmingham's Lib Dem leader, Paul Tilsley (Mail, May 7), when he refuses to join Labour in a coalition to run Birmingham.

What happened to the policy of supporting the largest single party? In the dump, I guess, with the rest of the Lib Dem principles.

The Lib Dems have sold their soul to the devil. They have swept away over a hundred years of fine history of fighting that 'ruthless, tribal' party (Vince Cable's words, not mine) and of being on the progressive side of politics. And they have done so in the most cynical way possible - by pretending that it is in the country's interest, rather than to feed the hunger of a few for office. And note: they are in office, not in power.

Mike Jackson, Erdington

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