House in pocket. (Project).

A SIMPLE SWATCH BOOK ALLOWS YOU TO CARRY YOUR INTERIOR WITH YOU. We've all been there. Berkeley author Julia Bourland (The Go-Girl Guide: Surviving Your 20s With Savvy, Soul, and Style, Contemporary Books, 2000) hit the fabric store and realized she couldn't tell if any of the patterns and colors she was perusing would actually go with her colors at home. So she put together a sample book of her interior by grouping and gluing hits of colors, fabrics, and finishes on index cards, which are held together with a metal ring. If she can't get a sample, she takes a photo instead. "This way, when I'm searching for treasures for our home--whether I'm at the Alameda antique and flea market or Pottery Barn--I'll always know if a certain throw pillow or vase will look good around the house," says Bourland. For our sample book, we used real paint for an exact match and included measurements of things like rooms, doors, and windows. We also included a pencil, for recording prices and furniture measurements, and a tape me asure. We affixed them to the index card with Velcro tabs or string ties.

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