I Don't Know How She Does It 8.10pm, ITV2 A Boston-based working mother (Sarah Jessica Parker) is caught in a balancing act between her high-stress job and family. She is faced with temptation when she meets a charming new business associate (Pierce Brosnan). ??? (2011/12) Shooter 9pm, Film4 An ex-special operations sharpshooter (Mark Wahlberg) is called out of retirement to help foil an assassination attempt on the American President (Tom Butler), but ends up framed as the assassin. He sets out to prove that he is innocent. ???? (2007/15) Joy Ride 11.25pm, Film4 Steve Zahn, Paul Walker and Leelee Sobieski play three college students who buy a radio and play tricks on truckers to lighten up their road trip. However, they take one prank too far and find themselves the target of a psychotic murderer hell-bent on spilling their blood. ???? (2001/15)

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