Deasil power from gallery's superstars.


AN exhibition of varied works ends the year on a high for a new gallery which is making a name for itself in Warwickshire.

Deasil Gallery in Leamington is staging a mixed show in the run up to Christmas, exhibiting pieces by a number of artists it has worked with.

Amongst them is Coventrybased Nancy Upshall, who held a one-woman show there in the summer. Her works in this exhibition include three small square paintings entitled Childs Play 1-3, showing what looks like a climbing frame, bowl of balls and a more hard-to-read work.

There are also large colourful, abstract works by Nancy.

Jay Graham has included some prints of animal faces, including a close up chimp.

Alison Johnson's works are oil on canvases, with the paint laid on quite heavily, and include Flashes in the Dark and Autumn Parade.

Ben Penrose's Devon Cliffs also uses heavy impasto to create a dramatic seascape.

Usha Khosla's ceramics have a rough, natural looking finish to them and are in earthy, comforting colours.

Warwickshire-based Mo Enwright is showing a large triptych painting, including lots of trees, piles of books and darkness.

Anneka Reay's works include books and planks seemingly floating in space, and Anya Simmons's prints show the Welsh and Cornish countryside and towns in colourful detail, with areas of overlapping colour, lots of lines and lots of atmosphere.

Jason Willis has created decorated mirrors, some with pressed flowers, and one is a tiny mirror with a huge surround of well-placed feathers. Jacquie Smithson has shown her versatility with some small embroidered textile works, and an acrylic of a boat in a glorious blue sea.

Sarah Turner's small butterflies flying across a framed scene are made of metal from drink cans, and Joanne Baker's animal drawings including a fox and owl are detailed and attractive.

It's another exhibition of mixed works from a gallery which has attracted a wide and varying stable of artists and which has currently also branched out to a pop-up gallery at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, showing much promise for an interesting 2016.


Anneka Reay's floating books and planks

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