Charity's plea to parents over vaccine.

THE FINDINGS are a landmark step in the GMC hearing which has lasted for 148 days over the last two-and-a-half years, making it one of the longest in the body's history.

The disciplinary panel will meet again in April to decide if Professor Simon Murch, Professor John Walker-Smith and Dr Andrew Wakefield are guilty of serious misconduct.

If guilty they could be struck off the medical register.

But national deafblind and rubella charity Sense said the story is about far more than the three doctors.

Director Joff McGill said: "There are millions of children who have not been vaccinated since these theories first emerged."

"We need to get the message to all parents. The only way stop rubella circulation is by ensuring we have a comprehensive MMR vaccination programme for all children.

"Sadly, we have seen a return of measles within the UK population in recent years and Sense is keen to help prevent rubella returning to the same extent.

"MMR has proved effective the world over and it has an excellent safety record. There is no evidence supporting the link between MMR and autism and much evidence to suggest no such link exists."

The Lancet has since said it should never have run the discredited paper and obtained retractions from the other 10 co-authors.

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