Cancer Treatment Centers of America Deploys Misys Insight and Misys Radiology to Maximize Patient Safety.

CHICAGO & RALEIGH, N.C. -- Comprehensive Surveillance and Management Solution Enables Critical Bedside Access to Diagnostic Imaging Results

Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare information technology, announces that Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) sites in Zion, Ill., and in Tulsa, Okla., are deploying radiology results from Misys Radiology(TM) to Misys Insight(TM). This final phase of a two-year system deployment is part of CTCA's strategy to send timely clinical notifications of abnormal results to physicians and caregivers to achieve higher quality care and patient safety.

Part of the Misys Optimum(TM) product family, Misys Insight integrates data from most hospital and clinical information system. It then sends clinical notifications via Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), pager, cell phone, e-mail or fax to physicians and clinicians whenever and wherever they are to ensure prompt clinical interventions of adverse events. The clinical software helps manage better care and reduce medication-related errors by continuously monitoring changes in the patient condition. Used concurrently with Misys Radiology(TM) information system, Misys Insight empowers physicians and other clinicians to optimize diagnostic imaging efforts in order to make clinical decisions affecting positive outcomes.

According to Mary Matzke, R.N., managing director of Information Technology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, "Using the dual systems, our healthcare professionals delivering bedside care at the two facilities will have timely access to critical radiology reports. These results help the physician to determine whether the cancer is in remission or is advancing."

With the inclusion of radiology results, the full clinical alerting functionality of Misys Insight is now complete at CTCA's two facilities. Its electronic notifications of patients' Admissions Discharge Transmission (ADT) information, lab results, radiology orders and medication orders are sent to physicians, oncologists, nurses, diagnostic imaging personnel, clinical pharmacists, infection control practitioners, case managers and other clinicians throughout the CTCA network.

Matzke noted that healthcare professionals using the Misys Insight Web application can monitor centralized interaction of patient ADT, lab, pharmacy and radiology data via the hospital's Intranet. "The interaction of this data is really amazing, and it's great to compare the drug and lab results to see if they are compatible or incompatible interactions affecting the patients," she said. "When you are administering chemotherapy, physicians have peace of mind knowing an extra layer of electronic checking is helping catch adverse drug affects that could potentially harm the patient."

CTCA executives are also enthused with Misys Insight's low cost and high return on investment experienced as a pilot site user. "For the amount of patient safety you are guaranteeing, you can't beat the investment when considering the ease of installation," continued Matzke.

Kristen McRae, product manager for Misys Insight, Misys Healthcare Systems, agrees. "Misys Insight, when coupled with Misys Radiology, is a dynamic comprehensive surveillance and management system for healthcare organizations demanding technology that boosts productivity and job satisfaction of their diagnostic imaging personnel," she said. "Misys is pleased to have a relationship with CTCA where focus on patient safety is the No. 1 priority."

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Founded in 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America practices patient empowerment medicine through a network of cancer treatment hospitals and community oncology programs in Illinois, Oklahoma and Washington. The facilities provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary path to cancer care by integrating cutting-edge medical treatments with time-honored support therapies such as nutrition, naturopathy, psychological counseling and spiritual therapy. For more information on CTCA, visit or call 1.800.515.9602.

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