Your emails and texts Stars has what it takes Alice from Bedford [yesterday's Chatroom], you have every right to be concerned for Sea The Stars in Paris. Nijinsky, Troy, Reference Point, Generous and Authorized all suffered defeat in the Arc. However, this current champion appears to thrive on racing, and I reckon he can make it a last tango in France. Worry not Alice.

Andrew Scott, Maidstone Stewards the worry I don't share Alice's worries over Sea The Stars. Should he turn up for the Arc the only thing to worry about are the French stewards. Should they throw out the magnificent Oxx beast for some piffling offence then there will be a riot.

Graham Smith Cheltenham soon The Kerry National gave us a taste of what's to come. Soon it will be dark before five o'clock, and Ruby Walsh will be riding a hat-trick at Cheltenham. I can't wait.

Jumps lover Hoping for Hotham Good article by James Pyman in yesterday's paper. I hope Hotham does the business.

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