A Centennial Celebration of 'Contented Cows'.

Nestle(R) Carnation(R) Milk Products Commemorate a Century of American Cooking

SOLON, Ohio, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 6, 1999, Nestle(R) Carnation(R) milk products celebrate 100 years of making our favorite foods richer, creamier and more nutritious. Since the publication of its first cookbook, "The Story of Carnation Milk" in 1915, Carnation has been a trusted staple in every kitchen cupboard. What follows is a brief history of the brand -- literally "condensed" from the extensive Nestle Carnation archives -- and a special offer for free consumer recipes and information related to the anniversary.

From Contented Cows

Company founder E.A. Stuart began producing evaporated milk under the name "The Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company" at a small dairy farm nestled in the rolling hills of Washington. He later named his company and products "Carnation," likening the wholesomeness of his milk to the simple appeal of the flower.

Like a proud father, Stuart frequently talked about his herd of dairy cattle grazing the lush green valleys of the Pacific Northwest, prompting one observer to note that his cows must lead very contented lives. From that comment grew the slogan -- "From Contented Cows"(R) -- a famous phrase still present on Nestle Carnation milk products today.

While the quality of his milk set it apart from the competition, Stuart recognized that innovation in every area -- from distribution to marketing -- was key to creating a household staple as practical as sugar and salt. He succeeded in building great public awareness and demand for his brand, one that American families have grown up with over the years. Some historical highlights and little-known facts about Carnation include:

-- In 1916, Carnation Evaporated Milk was the first commercial cargo to be hauled across the United States by motor, making it available on both coasts.

-- During the Great Depression, Carnation Milk replaced fresh milk in many American homes due to its affordability and versatility.

-- The town of Carnation, Washington -- birthplace of Carnation Farm -- was named after Carnation Milk in 1917.

-- A Carnation milk cow, Possum Sweetheart, held the world record for milk production for 16 years. She was once milked by prizefighter Jack Dempsey.

-- Carnation Evaporated Milk was shipped abroad and considered standard issue for our brave soldiers during WWI and WWII.

-- Carnation sponsored the "Carnation Contented Hour" on the NBC radio network from 1931 to 1951, featuring popular musical and comedy stars such as Dinah Shore and George Burns.

-- Carnation embraced the new medium of television with a longstanding sponsorship of the beloved "Burns and Allen Show" on CBS.

-- Nestle acquired Carnation in 1985.

The influence of Nestle Carnation products on American cooking and culture continues to this day. In fact, many of our favorite nostalgic and contemporary recipes, from macaroni and cheese to fruit smoothies, use Carnation Milk. To commemorate its role in the history of 20th century cooking, Carnation is offering a free brochure featuring 10 "Recipes of the Century." These 20th century classics were selected by food writer John Mariani for their unique place in the hearts and homes of Americans. For a free copy, send your name and address to: Nestle Carnation "Recipes of the Century," P.O. Box 6443, Young America, MN, 55558-6443. Requests must be received by January 15, 2000.

For well over a century, Nestle has been making the very best food and beverage products for families around the world. In the U.S., Nestle's well-known brands include: Nestle(R), Carnation(R), Stouffer's(R), Nescafe(R), Libby's(R), Buitoni(R) Contadina(R), Nestea(R), Taster's Choice(R), Ortega(R), Nestle Crunch(R), Butterfinger(R), and Nestle(R) Toll House(R). Headquartered in Glendale, Calif., Nestle USA has 19,500 employees, $8 billion in sales and is part of Swiss-based Nestle S.A. -- the world's largest food company.

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