17m fans log on to Britney's belly site.


BRITNEY SPEARS' belly button has caused meltdown on the internet.

The website of the Encyclopedia Britannica shut down after pop fans logged on in their millions to discuss the 19-year-old's pierced navel.

The 200-year-old bible of knowledge - which used to be sold door-to door - sparked mayhem by posting an article on Britney in an attempt to be more modern. It attracted an amazing 17million hits in a month and jammed computer systems.

In the article, writer Deirdre Day-Macleod says the singer's belly button is 'not strictly sexual, but - like Spears herself - not that innocent either'.

A spokesman for Britannica said: "The world is fascinated by Britney Spears' navel and our job is to take a contemporary event or personality and put it in context."

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