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ALT-J: This Is All Yours Y ALT.J'S hugely anticipated follow-up to their Mercury Music Prize-win ning debut is an enthralling record. Like Scottish forebears The Beta Band, Alt-J have perfected the art of incorporating huge numbers of elements into their music without the overall sound appearing cluttered. Single Hunger Of The Pine and Bloodflood Part II are stand outs, while Warm Foothills, all gentle loveliness, is the most beautiful thing here. Lyrically it's as pretentious as ever and there are enough shocking couplets to fill Private Eye's Pseuds' Corner well into next year, but look beyond that and it's well worth immersing yourself in.

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Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams RYA RY N ADAMS looked set to be the next big thing upon the release of second solo album Gold in 2001.

He's been far from lazy in the intervening 13 years, but a combination of below par LPs and erratic live shows have resulted in the American's star slipping ever further. His latest is a refreshingly simplistic rock record with knowing nods to heroes Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, especially on the 1980s rocker Am I Safe? ....

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PROFESSOR G | REEN: Growing Up in Public RAPPERS like Professor Green and Example (who guests here) provide the natural progression for teenage girls keen to grow up following tweeny infatuations with One Direction and their ilk.

Growing Up in Public sells itself as hip-hop, but really it's pop with a scary mask on: a mask kept in place with four letter words and big beats. That's not to say it's a bad record; the inward-looking Fast Life, ravey flashback standing out from the rest of the tracks. Rating ....


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Date:Sep 21, 2014
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