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adidas Pulseboost HD: The next stage in Boost evolution.

India, July 11 -- What would a runner want from their shoe? This is the question that was most likely in the minds of the research team at adidas when they were coming up with their Boost technology. The fruits of their hard work were unveiled to the public back in 2013. The new Boost midsole technology was said to offer the highest energy return. Fast forward to 2019, and adidas has unveiled the newest iteration of the technology called Boost HD, which makes its debut in the new Pulseboost HD. These new shoes promises even more stability, while still offering the same levels of energy return and comfort.

So what does that mean?

Well, as any athlete will tell you, energy is a vital component of any sport. Take running for instance. The runner uses energy stored in their muscles to propel themselves forward via their legs. With Boost tech, a bit of the energy is stored in the unique material that makes up the midsole and is released back. In simpler terms, you get more performance out of the shoe!

How does it work?

You might want to take a seat because things might get a little technical. You see, adidas teamed up with BASF, one of the leading chemical companies in the world to develop a new process. This process literally blows up the solid granular material (TPU) into thousands of small energy capsules. Due to their unique structure, these capsules are able to store and release more energy in every stride. How cool is that!

So what's the big deal with the new Pulseboost HD shoes?

Well, the new adidas Pulseboost HD shoes are aimed at urban runners and feature Boost HD, the latest evolution of the Boost tech. As mentioned before, Boost HD aims to offer even better stability, while still offering the same levels of energy return and comfort. On top of this, the shoes are designed by runners, for runners. This means that these shoes are designed for the harsh conditions of the urban jungle, which includes running on concrete, and dodging any obstacles that might pop up when running.

Thanks to the combination of comfort, style, and performance on offer, the new Pulseboost HD shoes are definitely worthy of the name and upholds the Boost legacy.

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Date:Jul 11, 2019
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