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ad of the week: Old El Paso's aural campaign sounds pretty good.

Naturally, brands put every eort into making their food look good for adverts - but a focus on sound is a bit less usual.

Old El Paso's 'Make Some Noise' campaign is an aural treat. A family prepares a Mexican feast full of delicious sounds - from the slicing of peppers to the frying of a panful of chicken strips, to the squidging of a lime.

It takes in some non-food noises too: the tearing open of the OEP pack, a kiss for the chef, and the laughter of the family as they enjoy the meal.

The hubbub ends up literally raising the roof - a cute idea, though it requires the lolz to become borderline maniacal to pull o. This concluding visual ourish is perhaps a little ill-advised - aer all, we can't hear it!

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Date:Aug 10, 2019
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