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ZymoGenetics obtains United States patent.

ZymoGenetics, Inc. (Seattle, WA) has patented isolated DNA molecules comprising a DNA segment encoding a glucagon receptor. Also provided are DNA constructs comprising a first DNA segment encoding a glucagon receptor operably linked to additional DNA segments required for the expression of the first DNA segment, as well as host cells containing such DNA constructs. The present invention also provides a method for detecting the presence of glucagon antagonists, comprising the steps of (a) exposing a compound in the presence of a glucagon against to a recombinant glucagon receptor coupled to a response pathway under conditions and for time sufficient to allow binding of the compound to the receptor and an associated response through the pathway, and (b) detecting a reduction in the stimulation of the response pathway resulting from the binding of the compound to the glucagon receptor, relative to the stimulation of the response pathway by the glucagon agonist alone and therefrom determining the presence of a glucagon antagonist. (US 5919635)
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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