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Zwickel beer from New Glarus.


In November of 2008, New Glarus Brewing Company asked consumers what style they would like to see from the brewery. This query led to the release of their latest seasonal offering, a lager beer called "Yokel."

Yokel is a "Zwickel bier." The term "Zwickel" comes from the German word referring to the "Tap on a Beer Vat."

"Zwickel Bier is a beer served directly from a lager tank with no other processing, as fresh and natural as a lager beer can get," said Nicole Carey of New Glarus. "Being served beer directly from the lager tank is traditionally a special privilege reserved for those lucky enough to be favored by the brewmaster. New Glarus Brewing Company extends this privilege to all their fans with Yokel, one of the most voted for brews in the vote for this year's line up in November of 2008."

The company says Yokel is inspired by the German traditions of small village breweries. It is a "whole beer straight from the tanks," made with Wisconsin, German, and English barleys and Bavarian hops.

The beer is also unfiltered. "Yokel is naturally cloudy and rich in vitamins from the yeast," Nicole Carey said. "Expect this beer to be smooth, rich and malty. It is the perfect companion for a hot summer day. As we like to say at the brewery, 'Buy Local, Drink Yokel.'"
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 21, 2009
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