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ZvizdiA: Blackmail, blockades, and unilateral decisions won't produce solutions.

Commenting on the decision by political representatives from Republika Srpska to suspend the work at state-level institutions until the adoption of the new law on the BiH Constitutional Court, the Speaker of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Denis Zvizdic, told reporters today in Sarajevo that blackmail, blockades and unilateral decisions will not produce solutions.

He called for restraint and dialogue, which is the only instrument for achieving quality political solutions.

"I call for us to show positive political will for the citizens of BiH, because of the key foreign policy goals of BiH, which are primarily Euro-Atlantic, especially EU integration. Now that, after a year, we are finally functioning at the level of BiH, I think that great damage will be done again to BiH's EU path, BiH's economic development and international reputation and the improvement of lives of all citizens BiH will be interrupted due to inexplicable, unconstitutional and hastily set political goals and desires," Zvizdic pointed out.

He urged for "the political blackmail to stop, because we know from the immediate past that such blockades, blackmail or attempts to unilaterally achieve our goals will not produce any result in the political environment and relations in BiH."

According to him, the basic principle of functioning of democratic states is the rule of law. He reiterated that BiH is a multiethnic state, a land of equal peoples and citizens, BiH is an anti-fascist, democratic, European country, "and the basic principle of functioning is the rule of law."

"Any violation of the Constitutional Court's decisions in every democratic country in the world is treated as an attack on the Constitution, and of course it is a below the belt move which no one who wants a functioning legal system would do," Zvizdic emphasized.

Therefore, he urges that "we should not be lead astray by these types of blackmail and we shouldn't let the following session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska get too ahead of itself with its conclusions."

He added that "we have lived in this political environment for a long time and are aware that blackmail, blockades and unilateral decisions do not produce solutions."

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Geographic Code:4EXBO
Date:Feb 13, 2020
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