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Zukofsky, Louis.

Zukofsky, Louis (b. Jan. 23, 1904, New York, N.Y., U.S.--d. May 12, 1978, Port Jefferson, N.Y.)

American poet, the founder of Objectivist poetry and author of the massive poem "A".

The son of Jewish immigrants from Russia, Zukofsky grew up in New York, attended Columbia University, and taught for several years at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. By the 1930s he had begun the ill-defined Objectivist movement, and poets as radically different as William Carlos Williams, T.S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound contributed to the special Objectivist issue of Poetry magazine (1931) and to An "Objectivist" Anthology (1932), which Zukofsky edited.

Meanwhile, in 1928 he had embarked upon "A" , the great work of his life, which treats subjects as diverse as history, politics, aesthetics, science, and life in general. The poem was organized in a mosaic structure and planned in 24 parts.

The complete poem, 826 pages long, beginning with the word "A" and ending with "Zion," was published in 1978. Zukofsky described himself as a comic poet, and punning is the characteristic medium of his and his wife Celia's Catullus Fragmenta (1969), a translation of the Roman poet Catullus' works into an obscure English that attempts to reproduce the sounds of the original Latin. His several volumes of prose include the critical study Bottom: On Shakespeare (1963) and Little: A Fragment For Careenagers (1967), which is a short novel about a youthful violin prodigy. All: The Collected Short Poems, 1923-1964 was published in 1971.

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