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Zucker, Jonny: Crisps.

Zucker, Jonny


Three Hares Publishing, 2016, pp232, 6.99[pounds sterling]

978 1 910153 14 7

There is more than a touch of Roald Dahl about this entertaining story, especially its villainess.

Lady Wilhelmina Grubnot is a distant relative of the royal family. As a child she was very, very naughty in their august presence, and was banned from royal contact, to her lifelong fury. When as an adult she founds a hugely successful business, Grubnot's Exclusive Crisps, her product is banned by the royals, despite their addiction to crisps. Lady Grubnot manufactures the crisps on Grubnot Island, where the work is done by seven slaves, twelve-year-old Emily, nine-year-old Paul, their respective parents, and Emily's grandad. They are imprisoned by razor wire, electric fences and unexploded bombs, but worst of all by an emerald device worn by Lady Grubnot, which if activated will blow up the island.

Emily is the heroine. She uncovers two dastardly plots laid by Lady Grubnot. The first is to sabotage all rival upmarket crisp manufacturers and buy up their firms for peanuts, and the second is to create a secret company which will sell poisoned crisps to the royals, and kill them all. Then she herself will succeed to the throne. Emily secretly befriends Zak, a mainland boy who helps to deliver the island's supplies, and with his help and her own courage, ingenuity and enterprise, she scarily defeats the wicked Wilhelmina and thwarts her murderous treason.

The story is terrific fun, and (like Dahl's) just the kind of book to encourage confident reading.

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Author:Hollindale, Peter
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Date:Jun 22, 2016
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