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Zonneveld, Famke: Living Alphabet.

Zonneveld, Famke LIVING ALPHABET. Il. by Famke Zonneveld. I S B N O-88010- 516- X. New York: Bell Pond Books, 2003. 32 pp. $19.95 U.S/$29.95 CAN. The watercolor paintings in this beautifully illustrated alphabet book fluidly evoke movement. The reader is invited to search for objects, each of which begins with a letter of the alphabet. The author has provided an alphabetized list of illustrations at the end. A wonderful book for both beginning readers and for anyone who enjoys the challenge of finding pictures. Beware, however, of some stereotypical images, such as Indian for the letter "I." Ages 3-9.
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Author:Mastrangelo, Sonia
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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