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Man unable to talk or walk for eight years woke up after taking a sleeping pill; The 37-year-old, referred to only as Richard, had been trapped inside his own head since choking in his late twenties. But he regained full consciousness, recognised his family and asked to speak to his father after a dose of Zolpidem. By, Tom Campbell Oct 18, 2020 560
Treatment with zolpidem after ethanol administration potentiates the expression of ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization in mice. Brandao, N.R.N.; Libarino-Santos, M.; Marinho, E.A.V.; Oliveira, T.S.; Borges, A.L.N.; Oliveira, A.P Aug 1, 2020 3651
Effect of Zolpidem in the Aftermath of Traumatic Brain Injury: An MEG Study. Sripad, Praveen; Rosenberg, Jessica; Boers, Frank; Filss, Christian P.; Galldiks, Norbert; Langen, K Mar 31, 2020 4952
Aytu BioScience: ZolpiMist results show more rapid sleep onset with Zolpidem. Aug 5, 2019 252
Using benzodiazepine detoxification and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in the treatment of a patient with generalized anxiety disorder comorbid with high-dose zolpidem dependence. Lu, Shen-Hua; Tzeng, Nian-Sheng; Chou, Han-Wei Sep 1, 2016 1458
Zolpidem increased cancer risk in patients with sleep disorder: A 3-year follow-up study. Lin, Sheng-Chiao; Su, Yu-Chieh; Huang, Yung-Sung; Lee, Ching-Chih Report Mar 1, 2016 3321
Zolpidem and restoration of consciousness--fact or fiction? Venter, Andre Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2015 742
Zolpidem and sleep in pediatric burn patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Cronin, Stephanie D.; Gottschlich, Michele M.; Gose, Lacy M.; Kagan, Richard J. Report May 1, 2015 2578
Different zolpidem regimens show similar efficacy. London, Susan Report Sep 1, 2014 619
Zolpidem may cause visual distortions and other psychotic symptoms. Raza, Mahreen Case study Mar 1, 2014 1098
Trial of zolpidem, eszopiclone, and other GABA agonists in a patient with progressive supranuclear palsy. Chang, Andrew Young; Weirich, Erica Case study Jan 1, 2014 3327
Ambien emergencies on the rise. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 151
The impact of zolpidem on the mental status of hospitalized patients older than age 50. Richards, Kimberley; Rowlands, Aletha Report May 1, 2013 2756
Will move bring unintended results? Beecher Brief article Feb 1, 2013 201
FDA: zolpidem doses for sleep should be lower. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2013 457
Resting better with more zolpidem info. Hester, A. Maria Feb 1, 2013 528
Blood-brain barrier integrity in a zolpidem-responder patient. Nyakale, N.E.; Clauss, R.P.; Nel, H.W.; Sathekge, M.M. Report Oct 1, 2012 695
Zolpidem becomes first drug prescribed differently for women. Jun 22, 2012 355
First-line 'Z-drugs' for insomnia come with a caveat. Otto, Alexander M. Mar 15, 2012 503
A popular sleep medicine puts older adults at risk for falls and cognitive impairment. Wright, Kenneth Jan 1, 2011 862
Actavis gets FDA approval to market Zolpidem Tartrate Extended-Release Tablets. Oct 19, 2010 135
Sublingual Zolpidem eyed for middle-of-the-night awakening. Helwick, Caroline Oct 1, 2010 620
Tolerance not seen with sublingual zolpidem. Helwick, Caroline Report Oct 1, 2010 729
Zolpidem relieves middle-of-night insomnia. Helwick, Caroline Oct 1, 2010 678
Sleep aid suppresses reflux-related awakening. Moon, Mary Ann Oct 1, 2009 637
Transcept Pharmaceuticals Inc. Brief article Aug 10, 2009 147
CBT effective for persistent insomnia. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report Jun 1, 2009 233
Sleep aid found not to affect pregnancy outcomes. Wachter, Kerri Clinical report Jul 15, 2008 616
Zolpidem doesn't seem to affect pregnancy outcomes. Wachter, Kerri Clinical report Jul 1, 2008 416
Use of Zolpidem appears safe during pregnancy. Wachter, Kerri Jul 1, 2008 348
Drivers safe when proper zolpidem regimen is followed. McNamara, Damian Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 467
FDA approves generic Ambien. Jun 1, 2007 102
Ambien is set to face a host of competitors. Brief article May 21, 2007 280
Hypnotics and driving: FDA action and clinical trials show need for precautions. Freeman, Bradley; Buckland, J. Jason; Dwyer, R. Gregg; Frierson, Richard L. Apr 1, 2007 4312
Effect of zolpidem on driving ability. Leard-Hansson, Jan; Guttmacher, Laurence Apr 1, 2005 874
What is the best hypnotic for use in the elderly? Dec 1, 2003 1257
Intermittent zolpidem dosing works for insomnia. (3-Month Randomized, Controlled Study). Finn, Robert Sep 1, 2002 326
Intermittent dosing of zolpidem safe and effective for insomnia. (Three-Month Study). Finn, Robert Aug 15, 2002 309

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