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Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams.

Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

Simon and Schuster (Australia) Pty Ltd

PO Box 33, PYMBLE NSW 2073

ISBN: 0743222636 US $14.00 AUD $24.95 469 pages

Believe it or not I have never owned a dream interpretation book before looking at Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams. I wasn't really sure what to expect.

The first edition of this book sold half a million copies worldwide and this is the first major revision of this dream dictionary. The revision includes interpretations for cell phones, computers, beepers and much more, while the listings for subjects like girdles, gleaners and grenadiers have been taken out. Personally I think that they should have been left in--some people still dream about these topics! A lucky number for each dream category has been added too, although I'm not sure how these should be used.

Zolar (R. Donald Papon B.A., D.Sc., D. Hom.) has written several popular books on dreams, metaphysics and the occult including Zolar's It's All in the Stars and Zolar's Book of Dreams, Numbers, and Lucky Days. He has dedicated much of his adult life to teaching holistic living incorporating mind, body, and spirit. He received his graduate degrees in holistic health, nutrition, and his Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine from the Institutum Internationale Homeopathie in Mexico in 1983. Zolar has served as an adjunct lecturer at the New School, Hunter College, and Brooklyn College and as a consulting homeopath, with private practices in New York and Florida, for almost two decades. The author lives in Ozona, Florida.

The entries in this encyclopedia are detailed, for example the entry for cigarette include: enjoying a; half-smoked, in hands, holding a; lighting a; loose cigarettes; man and woman smoking together; rolling a; smoking a; stubbing out a, with determination; suddenly repulsive to you; trying to give up; women dreaming of smoking a.

As with any system of interpretation, I believe that dream interpretation is a highly individual subject. I would recommend that if you want to find out more about the author and his style of interpreting dreams you can visit his website at You can click on the 'Dream weaver' section to interpret your dream online.

I would recommend Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams to those of you needing help in understanding the various symbolism found in dreams.
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