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Collaidal Alumina, Collaidal Zirconia. Oct 30, 2019 160
Influence of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Irradiation on the Push-Out Bond Strength of Zirconia and Glass Fiber Posts with Radicular Dentin. Alofi, Raneem S.; Alshiddi, Ibraheem F.; AlFawaz, Yasser F.; Alsahhaf, Abdulaziz; Aali, Khulud Abdul Oct 1, 2019 3885
Compact Disc Mill With Zirconia Discs. Sep 30, 2019 145
Zirconia Ceramic Market to 2024 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Types, Technologies, Applications and End-User Verticals. Sep 20, 2019 633
Zirconia Ceramics 2019 Global Trends, Market Size, Share, Status, Market Analysis and Forecast to 2024. Sep 5, 2019 594
Complete Supply. Erection. Commissioning. Testing And Implementation Of Latest Zirconia Type In-situ Oxygen Analyser System For Measurement Of Oxygen In Flue Gas For Unit- 3 To 7 At Cstps. Chandrapur. Sep 1, 2019 114
Aesthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Bruxism Using Ceramic Veneers and Overlays Combined with Four-Point Monolithic Zirconia Crowns for Occlusal Stabilization: A 4-Year Follow-Up. Moreira, Andre; Freitas, Filipe; Marques, Duarte; Carames, Joao Sep 1, 2019 3120
Compact Disc Mill With Zirconia Discs. Aug 1, 2019 147
Purchase Of Flue Gas O2 Analyser - Zirconia Probe And Electronic Unit. Jul 17, 2019 116
Construction Works Involving The Construction Of Street Lighting Zirconia. Jul 11, 2019 262
The Use of the Finite Elements Method (FEM) to Determine the Optimal Angle of Force Application in Relation to Grooves Notched into a Zirconia Coping with the Aim of Reducing Load on a Connection with Veneering Ceramic. Smielak, Beata; Klimek, Leszek; Swiniarski, Jacek Jul 1, 2019 3766
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Powder. May 14, 2019 133
Ceramic Filtres & O-rings For Zirconia Oxygen Probe. May 11, 2019 140
1)zirconia Flap Disc Grit- 40 Qty: 5000 No 2)depressed Centre Disc Qty: 6000 No 3)sulphur Free Cutting Disc. Qty: 400 No 4)cutting Disc,sulphur Free. Qty: 3000 No 5)gw Dc Qty: 1000 No 6)gw Dc Qty: 12000 No 8) Qty:. May 2, 2019 143
Zirconium Washed And Dried Frit. Apr 25, 2019 582
Supply Of One Set Of Remote Zirconia Oxide Based Oxygen Deficiency Monitor With 15 Feet Sensor Cable And Remote 02 Sensor Probe Which Should Be Located Up To 50 Meters Away From Control/Display Unit. Apr 4, 2019 106
Comparison of the Load-bearing Capacities of Monolithic PEEK, Zirconia and Hybrid Ceramic Molar Crowns/Monolitik PEEK, Zirkonyum ve Hibrit Seramik Molar Kronlarin Basma Dayanim Kapasitelerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Tartuk, Bulent Kadir; Ayna, Emrah; Basaran, Emine Goncu Apr 1, 2019 3467
Purchase Of Zirconia Probe For Oxygen Analyser -110 Vac. Mar 31, 2019 114
Supply Installation And Commissioning Of Zirconia Oxygen Censor. Mar 6, 2019 141
Supply Installation And Commissioning Of Zirconia Oxygen Censor. Feb 18, 2019 116
Cell Zirconia 20758111 Abb Unai3101. Feb 7, 2019 128
Works On Milling Fixed Prostheses Based On Zirconium Dioxide By Computer Simulation For Dental Offices. Dec 13, 2018 103
Stack Gas Analysers (o2- Zirconia). Nov 17, 2018 166
Spares For Yokogawa Nake Zirconia. Nov 10, 2018 125
Zirconia Oxygen Probe - As Per Annexure. Nov 9, 2018 155
Stack Gas Analysers (o2- Zirconia). Nov 1, 2018 163
Evaluation of the Internal Accuracy of Molar Crowns Fabricated Using Digital and Conventional Impression Techniques/Dijital ve Geleneksel Olcu Yontemi ile Hazirlanan Molar Kronlarin internal Dogruluklarinin Degerlendirilmesi. Tartuk, Bulent Kadir; Ayna, Emrah; Basaran, Emine Goncu Sep 1, 2018 3674
Effects of Polishing on Color Stability and Surface Roughness of CAD-CAM Ceramics/Polisajin CAD-CAM Seramiklerin Renk Stabilitesi ve Yuzey Puruzlulugune Etkileri. Sankaya, Isil; Hayran, Yeliz Aug 1, 2018 4135
Zirconia Toughened Alumina Zta-s4 Segments - 1300 Kgs. Jul 27, 2018 180
Alkane Resources Limited (ASX: ALK). Jul 19, 2018 3801
Preparation of Metal Oxide-Doped Solid Superacid Catalyst and its Catalytic Performance. Huang, Kai; Lu, Keqiang Technical report Jun 30, 2018 4381
Complete Rehabilitation of a Generalized Chronic Tooth Sensitivity and Rampant Caries of a Clinical Situation Using Implant Supported Fixed Zirconia Prostheses. Jun 1, 2018 1235
Supply Of Complete Assembly Of Zirconia Based Oxygen Analyzer With Protecting Tube For 210mw Atps,chachai. May 31, 2018 131
Glidewell Dental unveils BruxZir Esthetic Solid Zirconia under zirconia dental technology. May 2, 2018 203
Glidewell Dental unveils BruxZir Esthetic Solid Zirconia under zirconia dental technology. May 2, 2018 199
Zirconium Oxide and Iron Zirconate Obtained from Citrus Pectin and Nitrates Applied in the Photo-fenton-like Process. Antoniazzi, Cristiane; de Castro, Eryza Guimaraes; Anaissi, Fauze Jaco Report Apr 1, 2018 4983
Ferhaz: Multiscale investigations on si-integrable ferroelectric hafnia-zirconia systems: From fundamental understanding to everyday electronics. Mar 10, 2018 366
In-situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Under Stage-iv Additional Capital. Feb 4, 2018 119
Supply Of Dental Plaster/Dental Die Stone/Dental Stone/Dental Cad Cam Milling Bur/Dental Self Cure Acrylic Material/Dental Zirconia/Dental Die Spacer/Dental Casting Alloy. Jan 4, 2018 176
Effects of Silica Nanoparticles and Silica-Zirconia Nanoclusters on Tribological Properties of Dental Resin Composites. Rodriguez, Henry A.; Casanova, Herley Jan 1, 2018 6867
Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Resistive Switching in Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Films with Au Nanoparticles. Filatov, Dmitry; Kazantseva, Inga; Antonov, Dmitry; Antonov, Ivan; Shenina, Maria; Pavlov, Dmitry; G Jan 1, 2018 6042
Effect of Different Coloring Procedures on the Aging Behavior of Dental Monolithic Zirconia. Agingu, Check; Jiang, Neng-wu; Cheng, Hui; Yu, Hao Jan 1, 2018 4772
Polymerization Efficiency of a Dual-Cured Resin Cement through Zirconia with Three Different Cusp Inclinations. Zhang, Chang-Yuan; Yu, Hao; Cheng, Yi-Ling; Wu, Wen-Zhou; Xu, Liang-Jun; Cheng, Hui Jan 1, 2018 4944
Functional Assessment of the Stomatognathic System, after the Treatment of Edentulous Patients, with Different Methods of Establishing the Centric Relation. Nitecka-Buchta, Aleksandra; Proba, Thomas; Proba, Paulina; Stefanski, Kamil; Baron, Stefan Report Jan 1, 2018 3722
Unexpected Complication Ten Years after Initial Treatment: Long-Term Report and Fate of a Maxillary Premolar Rehabilitation. Augusti, Davide; Augusti, Gabriele Jan 1, 2018 5176
The Use of a Hybrid Pillar and Its Importance for Aesthetic Rehabilitation and Tissue Stability: A Clinical Report. Ramos, Guilherme da Gama; Ciotti, Danilo Lazzari; Ferreira, Samuel Rehder Wimmers; Margarido, Maide Jan 1, 2018 2373
Ion Migration Polarization in the Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Based Metal-Oxide-Metal and Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Stacks for Resistive Memory. Tikhov, Stanislav; Gorshkov, Oleg; Antono, Ivan; Morozov, Alexander; Koryazhkina, Maria; Filatov, Dm Report Jan 1, 2018 6340
The Effects of Ammonium Polyacrylate and Diammonium Citrate as Base and Acid Dispersion Agents on Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (3Y-TZP) Dispersion Properties. Sinaga, Pestaria; Bae, Sung-Hwan Jan 1, 2018 4676
The Mechanical Behaviors of Various Dental Implant Materials under Fatigue. Bayata, Fatma; Yildiz, Cengiz Jan 1, 2018 5972
A New Approach to Determine Gas Diffusion Coefficients in Porous Solids by EIS: Application for N[H.sub.3] and C[O.sub.2] Adsorption on Zirconia and Zeolite Type 5A. Nguyen, Tien-Quang; Glorius, Maja; Breitkopf, Cornelia Report Jan 1, 2018 7183
A New Piston Insulation Concept for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines to Reduce Heat Loss from the Wall. Uchida, Noboru; Osada, Hideaki Report Dec 1, 2017 4528
Manufacturing, Pre-dispatch Inspection, Packing, Supply& Safe Delivery, Installation & Commissioning And Warranty Of Zirconia Microspheres As Per As Per Detailed Specification Given In Annexure-s. Nov 25, 2017 158
Porous Alumina Plate With Single Sided Zirconia Layer. Oct 23, 2017 123
Heat Loss Analysis of a Steel Piston and a YSZ Coated Piston in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Using Phosphor Thermometry Measurements. Binder, Christian; Nada, Fahed Abou; Richter, Mattias; Cronhjort, Andreas; Norling, Daniel Oct 1, 2017 7759
Numerical Investigation on the Effects of Different Thermal Insulation Strategies for a Passenger Car Diesel Engine. Caputo, Sabino; Millo, Federico; Cifali, Giancarlo; Pesce, Francesco Concetto Oct 1, 2017 6333
Supply Installation And Commissioning Of 08 Nos Of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Along With Calibration Gas Cylinder And Spare Probes Required For 210 Mw Units Of Sgtps Mppgcl Birsinghpur. Aug 28, 2017 165
Kit Cell Replacement Emerson O2 Zirconia. Aug 26, 2017 101
Germany : CEREC Zirconia meso Block: secure screw-retained crowns for implants. Aug 17, 2017 306
Alkane Resources Limited (ASX: ALK). Jul 19, 2017 3828
Biomechanical investigation of titanium and zirconia dental implants. Ruzas, M.; Sesok, A. Report Jul 1, 2017 2926
Job Contract For Batch Preparation Of Various Tape Casting Slurries, Lamination And Pressing Of Green Tapes For Fabrication, Precise Application Of Glass-based Sealants, Cleaning Of Zro2 Grinding Balls, bottles, Batch Formulation And Preparation Of Thick. Jun 28, 2017 137
Precision Markers Kit, Porcelain Adjustment Kit, Zirconia Adjustment Kit, Ceramic Basic Kit & Touch Line Kit. Jun 20, 2017 151
All Ceramic Crown Preparation Kit Zirconia/Inlay-onlay Kit. Jun 20, 2017 144
Cerec Kit & Cerec Restoration Zirconia Adjustment Kit. Jun 17, 2017 143
Effect of (ZrO2) addition on mechanical and electrochemical properties and thermal conductivity of high copper dental amalgam. Deen, Haydar H.J. Jamal Al-; Mahdi, Nabaa Muthana Report Jan 1, 2017 4132
Quantitative Analysis of Apatite Formation on Titanium and Zirconia in a Simulated Body Fluid Solution Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method. Yoshida, Eiji; Hayakawa, Tohru Jan 1, 2017 4358
Determination of Optical Properties of Thin Films from Ketteler-Helmholtz Dispersion Relations: Application to the Case of Ultraviolet Irradiated Zirconium Oxide. Desforges, Jean; Robichaud, Luc; Gauvin, Serge Jan 1, 2017 5705
The Effect of Various Types of Mechanical and Chemical Preconditioning on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets on Zirconia Restorations. Kim, Jihun; Park, Chanhee; Lee, Jeong-Sub; Ahn, Jungho; Lee, Yoon Jan 1, 2017 5569
Potent Heterogeneous Catalyst for Low Temperature Selective Oxidation of Cyclohexanol by Molecular Oxygen. Rashid, Haroon ur; Ahmad, M. Sohail; Sadiq, Mohammad; Aman, Razia Report Jan 1, 2017 3674
The Impact of Ce-Zr Addition on Nickel Dispersion and Catalytic Behavior for C[O.sub.2] Methanation of Ni/AC Catalyst at Low Temperature. Le, Minh Cam; Van, Khu Le; Nguyen, Thu Ha T.; Nguyen, Ngoc Ha Technical report Jan 1, 2017 9869
Esthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Teeth with Copy-Milled Restorations: A Report of Two Cases. Rani, Sapna; Devi, Jyoti; Jain, Chandan; Mutneja, Parul; Verma, Mahesh Jan 1, 2017 2755
Protein Adsorption to Titanium and Zirconia Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method. Kusakawa, You; Yoshida, Eiji; Hayakawa, Tohru Report Jan 1, 2017 4225
Influence of Restorative Materials on Color of Implant-Supported Single Crowns in Esthetic Zone: A Spectrophotometric Evaluation. Peng, Min; Zhao, Wei-Jie; Hosseini, Mandana; Zhou, Wen-Juan; Xiao, Ting; Chuan, Jun-Lan Report Jan 1, 2017 5337
Micro-Raman Vibrational Identification of 10-MDP Bond to Zirconia and Shear Bond Strength Analysis. De-Paula, Diego Martins; Loguercio, Alessandro D.; Reis, Alessandra; Frota, Natasha Marques; Melo, R Report Jan 1, 2017 4496
Effect of Zirconia Dental Implant Surfaces on Bone Integration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hafezeqoran, Ali; Koodaryan, Roodabeh Report Jan 1, 2017 7952
Fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with Zirconia filler containing composite core material and fiber posts. Report Dec 31, 2016 3323
Manufacturing and characterization of bioglass for bio application. Alsultani, Hawraa Oday; Almohna, Shaker Jahil Report Dec 1, 2016 3327
Characterization and compare between two groups of hybrid nanocomposite materials prepared from ternary polymer blend. Salih, Sihama Issa; Salih, Wleed Bdaiwi; Mohammed, Mustafa Satam Report Dec 1, 2016 5787
Supply Of Stack Gas Analysers O2 Zirconia. Nov 17, 2016 125
Supply Of Zirconia Cloth Belts. Nov 9, 2016 108
Zirconia Based Coating Mat. Oct 19, 2016 211
Grinding Wheel Size-( 180 Mm X 7 Mm X 22.23 Mm ) Ag - 7 (zirconia Depressed Centre Wheels ) Make - Corburundum Norton Or Grindwell. Oct 17, 2016 120
Zirconia Based Coating Mat. Oct 15, 2016 209
1ceramic Fibre Blanket Qty: 10287 Mr 2soln For Ceramic Fibre Blanket Qty: 200 Lt 3zirconia Based Powder Qty: 200 Kg 8null Qty: Null Null. Oct 12, 2016 120
Supply Of Zirconia And Heater Assembly. Sep 23, 2016 115
Grinding Disc Size: 230x7x22.23mm. Make: Chakra Or Garuda, Brand Of Orient Or Cumiflex Zirconia Gold A Brand Of Carborundum Universal Per Is/iso-603-1-1999. Sep 21, 2016 150
Supply Of Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Analysers. Sep 20, 2016 117
Grinding Wheel Ag-9 230 X 7 X 22.22 Zirconia Depressed Centre Wheel Make Carborandum Or Norton Grinding Well Or Similar. Sep 9, 2016 119
Zirconia Depressed Center Wheel 230 X 7 X 22.23. Make :- Norton,carborandum,extra Power, Sait Italy Or Similer. Aug 30, 2016 114
Zirconia O2 Analyser Detectors. Aug 22, 2016 117
Spare Probe For Zirconia Oxygen Analyser (pr-100130075. Aug 9, 2016 110
Supply Of Zirconia Sht Cad Cam Block (98 Mm X 12 Mm, Zirconia Sht Cad Cam Block (98 Mm X 14 Mm). Aug 7, 2016 181
Fused Alumina Zirconia. Jul 30, 2016 113
Grinding Disc, Size: 230 X 3 X 22.23 Mm Make: Chakra Or Garuda Brand Of Orient Or Cumiflex Zirconia Gold A Brand Of Carborundum Universal Only As Per Is / Iso - 603 -1 - 1999. Note: Authorized Dealers Cirtificate Or Proof Of Purchase From Manufacturer Or. Jul 25, 2016 153
Supply of zirconia o2 analyser detectors. Jul 16, 2016 126
Ytteria stabilized zirconia Felt. Jul 10, 2016 163
Purchase of zirconia oxygen analyser probe. Jul 9, 2016 106
Development of tapecasted zirconia amperometric oxygen sensor. Jul 7, 2016 123
Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Pd Supported Zirconia for the Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in Liquid Phase Solvent Free Conditions. Siddique, Mohsin; Ilyas, Mohammad; Saeed, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2016 4928
Procurement of Zirconia oxygen probe with converter for Unit NO 6,7,8 and 9 STPS, Sarni. Jun 25, 2016 129
Surface modification of mild steel by electrodeposition process with Ni-ZR[O.sub.2]. Mahendran, A.; Jegan, A.; valladurai, S. Jun 15, 2016 1699
Supply of stack gas analysers (o2 zirconia). Apr 30, 2016 121
Zirconia oxygen detector. Apr 13, 2016 111
Stack gas analysers(o2-zirconia). Apr 8, 2016 107
A review on zirconium dioxide used in dentistry. Vadapalli, Sriharsha Babu; Tripuraneni, Sunil Chandra; Atluri, Kaleswararao; Kumar, N. Suman Report Apr 1, 2016 5512
Grinding wheel ag-9 230x7x22-23 zirconia depressed centre wheel make:- carborendum or grind well norton. Mar 4, 2016 105
Supply of Zirconia type oxygen analyzer systems. Mar 3, 2016 114
Procurement of in-situ zirconia probe oxygen analyser for. Feb 13, 2016 113
Supply of Zirconium Oxide Balls. Feb 2, 2016 116
Procurement of ceria stabilised zirconia balls. Jan 22, 2016 171
Zirconia type oxygen analyzer systems. Jan 6, 2016 123
1)sanding sleeve. qty: 20 no 2)sanding sleeve. qty: 20 no 3)sanding sleeve. qty: 20 no 4)shank for sanding sleeve. qty: 10 no 5)shank for sanding sleeve. qty: 10 no 6)zirconia flap disc grit- 40 qty:. Jan 4, 2016 156
Effect of grinding and heat treatment on the mechanical behavior of zirconia ceramic. Ramos, Gabriela Freitas; Pereira, Gabriel Kalil Rocha; Amaral, Marina; Valandro, Luiz Felipe; Bottin Jan 1, 2016 4302
Zirconia type oxygen analyzer systems. Dec 29, 2015 110
Grinding disc, size: 230 x 3 x 22.23 mm. make: chakra or garuda brand of orient or cumiflex zirconia gold a brand of carborundum universal only as per is/iso - 603 - 1 -1999. note: note: 1.Authorized. Dec 22, 2015 207
Purchase of zirconia oxygen analyser probe. Dec 19, 2015 106
Zirconium oxide (zro2), hafnium oxide 99.9% purity. Dec 10, 2015 121
Zirconia type oxygen analyzer systems. Dec 3, 2015 123
Supply of Zirconia Cylinders. Dec 1, 2015 112
Spares probe for zirconia oxygen analyser yokogawa (pr-100121710). Nov 5, 2015 111
Development of tapecasted zirconia amperometric oxygen sensor. Oct 21, 2015 133
Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP). Oct 8, 2015 479
Purchase of flue gas o2 analyser - zirconia probe and electronic unit. Oct 7, 2015 111
Procurement of zirconia oxygen probe with converter for Unit 8 and 9 STPS, Sarni. Make ABB/Yokogawa/Bhoomi/Fuzi/ Equivalent ISI mark. Oct 1, 2015 141
Grinding wheel ag-9 230x7x22-23 zirconia depressed centre wheel make:- carborendum or grind well norton. Sep 18, 2015 113
Supply of hafnium free high purity zirconium oxide powder. Sep 5, 2015 200
Low temperature zirconia probes for stage-i units. Aug 21, 2015 110
Supply of complete assembly of Zirconia based oxygen analyser probe for 210 MW. Jul 27, 2015 137
Grinding disc, size: 230 x 7 x 22.23mm make: chakra brand of orient or cumiflex zirconia gold a brand of carborundum universal only confirming to is/iso 603-1 : 1999. note: expiry date of grinding sto. Jul 24, 2015 210
Supply of Zirconia type oxygen analyzer systems. Jul 8, 2015 113
Supply of in-situ zirconia oxygen analyser. May 31, 2015 127
Supply of Cell zirconia. May 30, 2015 105
Supply of complete assembly of Zirconia based oxygen analyser probe for 210 MW. May 29, 2015 132
1)h.A. ceramic fibre blanket qty: 6096 mr 2)soln for ceramic fibre blanket qty: 200 lt 3)zirconia based powder qty: 200 kg 8)null qty: null null. Apr 12, 2015 125
Supply Of Yttria And Zirconia Nano Powder. Apr 6, 2015 124
Global Zirconium Oxide Market Till 2020 - New Study by Grand View Research. Mar 29, 2015 299
How to Prevent Failure of Veneered Zirconia Ceramic. Mar 24, 2015 4352
Procurement of zirconia oxygen analyser probe with probe protector. Mar 19, 2015 131
Complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Testing, Erection & commissioning & implementation of latest Zirconia type IN-SITU oxygen analyser. Jan 3, 2015 114
Complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Testing, Erection & commissioning & implementation of latest Zirconia type IN-SITU oxygen analyser (. Dec 24, 2014 114
Procurement of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer. Dec 13, 2014 106
Research of plasma spraying of the ZR[O.sub.2]-[Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] electrolyte coatings/ZR[O.sub.2]-[Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] elektrolitiniu dangu plazminio purskimo tyrimas. Devoino, Oleg; Okovity, Vasily Report Dec 1, 2014 2447
9. Evaluacion aplicado a miembros de la academia mexicana de odontologia pediatrica de seis diferentes alternativas esteticas para su uso en dientes primarios anteriores. Arredondo Campos, G.; Lozano Longoria, M.J.; Barba Borrego, N.; Ramirez Pena, H.A.; Rangel Padilla, Dec 1, 2014 692
10. Evaluacion de preferencias esteticas de dos coronas de zirconia en lideres de opinion de la academia mexicana de odontologia pediatrica. Lozano Longoria, M.J.; Arredondo Campos, G.; Barba Borrego, N.; Rangel Padilla, E.E.; Ramirez Pena, Dec 1, 2014 1134
Complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Testing, Erection & commissioning & implementation of latest Zirconia type IN-SITU oxygen analyser. Nov 28, 2014 114
Evaluation of shear bond strength between indirect composite veneer and zirconia coated with silicated glass nano particles. Abdolhamid, Alhavaz; Mahmood, Rabiee Sayed; Vahid, Soltankarimi; Ali, Bagheri Mohammad; Sepideh, Dad Report Nov 1, 2014 2983
The effect of zirconia ions on corrosion performance of sol-gel coated galvanized steel. Guin, Akshya Kumar; Bhadu, Manish; Sinhababu, Mohua; Udayabhanu, G. Nov 1, 2014 4377
Austria : Pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide from Sirona. Sep 26, 2014 302
Iranian Researchers Synthesize Stable Ceramic Nanopowders at Room Temperature. Sep 19, 2014 301
Saint-Gobain buys US zirconia powder firm Z-Tech. Aug 1, 2014 127
Saint-Gobain buys US zirconia powder firm Z-Tech. Aug 1, 2014 116
Optical density evaluation around the zirconia granules used as graft in rat calvaria/Avaliacao da densidade optica ao redor dos granulos de zirconia usados como enxerto na calvaria de ratos. Farinazzo, Carolina Silva; Iwaki, Lilian Cristina Vessoni; Filho, Liogi Iwaki; Takeshita, Wilton Mit Jul 1, 2014 4678
Kuraray Develops New Flexible Zirconia. Jun 16, 2014 177
United States : Zirlux FC2 zirconium oxide system launched by Henry Schein. May 22, 2014 207
ZIRCONIA: PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION " A REVIEW. Asharaf, Seyed; Suma, Ali; Deivanai, Karthigeyan Mangala; Mani, Ranjana Report Mar 31, 2014 3874
Planetary ball mill with two working stations with maximum 1000 rpm + two grinding Zirconium oxide bowls. Mar 28, 2014 138
Complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Testing, Erection & commissioning & implementation of latest Zirconia type IN-SITU oxygen analyser. Mar 21, 2014 114
Complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Testing, Erection & commissioning & implementation of latest Zirconia type IN-SITU oxygen analyser. Mar 12, 2014 114
Scientists Use Nanotubes to Boost Fracture Toughness of Zirconia-Based Ceramic. Feb 23, 2014 309
Supply of zirconium oxide. Jan 10, 2014 154
The effect of cerium oxide addition on the properties and behavior of Y-TZP. Ragurajan, D.; Satgunam, M.; Golieskardi, M. Report Jan 1, 2014 3447
Microwave synthesis, characterization, and photoluminescence properties of nanocrystalline zirconia. Singh, A.K.; Nakate, Umesh T. Report Jan 1, 2014 4257
Microstructure and nonohmic properties of Sn[O.sub.2]-[Ta.sub.2][O.sub.5]-ZnO system doped with Zr[O.sub.2]. Fu, Xiuli; Jiang, Feng; Gao, Ruichao; Peng, Zhijian Report Jan 1, 2014 2784
Synthesis and dielectric studies of monoclinic nanosized zirconia. Nesamani, I. Flavia Princess; Prabha, V. Lakshmi; Paul, Aswathy; Nirmal, D. Report Jan 1, 2014 3122
Sintering of hydroxyapatite/yttria stabilized Zirconia nanocomposites under nitrogen gas for dental materials. Leong, C.H.; Muchtar, A.; Tan, C.Y.; Razali, M.; Amat, Noor Faeizah Jan 1, 2014 3201
Influence of molybdenum content and Mo[O.sub.x.sup.y-] species on the textural and structural Zr[O.sub.2] properties. Zapien, Alberto Hernandez; Enriquez, Juan Manuel Hernandez; Alamilla, Ricardo Garcia; Robles, Guille Jan 1, 2014 4368
Production of Fluorapatite-Zirconia Biocompatible Nanocomposite. Oct 2, 2013 318
Evaluation of the adaptation of zirconia-based fixed partial dentures using micro-CT technology. Borba, Marcia; Miranda, Walter Gomes, Jr.; Cesar, Paulo Francisco; Griggs, Jason Allan; Bona, Alvaro Sep 1, 2013 3536
Surface agents' influence on the flexural strength of bilaminated ceramics. Lima, Julia Magalhaes Costa; Anami, Lilian Costa; Rippe, Marilia Pivetta; de Melo, Renata Marques; B Jul 1, 2013 3760
Fabrication and characterization of boron doped yttria-stabilized zirconia nanofibers. Tunc, Tuncay; Uslu, Ibrahim Report May 1, 2013 3933
Preparation of CeP[O.sub.4] modified Zr[O.sub.2] ceramics with different particle sizes and their mechanical behaviors. Yan, Wei; Jing, Li; Wei, Zi; Bing, Han; Liang, Xu-Deng Jan 1, 2013 2357
Evaluation of normal and nanolayer composite thermal barrier coatings in fused vanadate-sulfate salts at 1000[degrees]C. Daroonparvar, Mohammadreza; Yajid, Muhamad Azizi Mat; Yusof, Noordin Mohd.; Bakhsheshi-Rad, Hamid Re Jan 1, 2013 6622
Dense and cellular zirconia produced by gel casting with agar: preparation and high temperature characterization. Tulliani, Jean-Marc; Bemporad, Edoardo; Sebastiani, Marco; Pulci, Giovanni; Tirillo, Jacopo; Bartuli Jan 1, 2013 6283
The role of nanostructured [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] layer in reduction of hot corrosion products in normal YSZ layer. Daroonparvar, Mohammadreza; Yajid, Muhamad Azizi Mat; Noordin, M.Y.; Hussain, Mohammad Sakhawat Jan 1, 2013 4247
A convenient and templated method for the fabrication of monodisperse micrometer hollow titania spheres. Yao, Haibo; Han, Guojun Jan 1, 2013 3418
3M signs licensing agreement for Zirconia technology with WIELAND. Oct 31, 2012 118
3M signs licensing agreement for Zirconia technology with WIELAND. Oct 31, 2012 114
Micromax introduces X44 Bling at Rs. 3,000. Jul 16, 2012 239
Surya Golds Launches Gold Jewellery Creations Made With Swarovski Zirconia. Jul 11, 2012 200
Zirconia ceramics as a dental biomaterial--an over view. Ramesh, T.R.; Gangaiah, M.; Harish, P.V.; Krishnakumar, U.; Nandakishore, B. Report Jul 1, 2012 5329
Coated article supporting photocatalytic layer and UV-reflecting underlayer. May 1, 2012 149
Estudio de la capacidad de adsorcion de tolueno en oxidos mixtos de Al-Ce-Zr. Perez Osorio, Gabriela; Hernandez Espinosa, Miguel Angel; Alvarez Gomez, Karin Monserrat May 1, 2012 3876
Customised Zirconia abutments: enhancing the soft tissue--restorative interface. Kheur, Mohit G.; Sethi, Tania; Jambhekar, Shantanu S.; Sethi, Sumit Report Oct 1, 2011 1127
Ceramic replaces titanium with machining assistance. Burckhardt, Klaus A. Jan 1, 2011 481
Swarovski Gems brings pure brilliance cut for Zirconia. Nov 10, 2010 436
Fracture toughness of veneering ceramics for fused to metal (PFM) and zirconia dental restorative materials. Quinn, Janet B.; Quinn, George D.; Sundar, Veeraraghaven Report Sep 1, 2010 3959
Iran to Mass-Produce Ceramic/Steel Composites. May 13, 2010 273
Processing and microstructural characterization of WC-based cermets doped by Zr[O.sub.2]/ Zr[O.sub.2]-ga dopeeritud WC-kermiste suntees ja mikrostruktuurne analuus. Kimmari, Eduard; Hussainova, Irina; Smirnov, Anton; Traksmaa, Rainer; Preis, Irina Report Dec 1, 2009 2901
Microstructure analyses and thermophysical properties of nanostructured thermal barrier coatings. Zhou, Hong; Li, Fei; Wang, Jun; Sun, Bao-de Sep 1, 2009 4929
Tosoh to Construct New High-Silica Zeolite and Zirconia Plants. Dec 19, 2008 317
Evaluation of modern post and core systems by testing the mechanical fatigue resistance. Vitalariu, Anca; Comaneci, Radu Report Jan 1, 2008 1260
A study of in vitro drug release from Zirconia ceramics. Srinivas, M.; Buvaneswari, G. Jul 1, 2006 2878
Synthesis and characterization of titanium-zirconium mixed oxides for use as porous supports for hydrogen storage materials. Maier, Maribeth Brief article Jan 1, 2005 209
Development and characterisation of zirconia and hydroxyapatite composites for orthopaedic applications. Prabakaran, K.; Kannan, S.; Rajeswari, S. Jan 1, 2005 976
Zirconia a gem in fuel injector application: advances in materials technology play important role in the development of low-emissions engines. Aug 1, 2004 1295

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