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Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Proceedings.


Zirconium in the nuclear industry; proceedings.

Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry International Symposium (14th: 2005: Stockholm, Sweden) Ed. by Peter Rudling and Bruce Kammenzind.

ASTM International


928 pages





Zirconium has traditionally been used in commercial nuclear reactors as material for fuel assembly components and for pressure tubes, and here scientists look at how the deregulation of the industry, the increased competition, and increased safety requirements have impacted that use. They cover basic metallurgy, precessing, corrosion in boiling-water and pressurized-water reactors, deformation behavior, primary failure, and high temperature and transients. The 42 papers, peer-reviewed, edited and augmented with post-presentation discussion, also appear on the Society's On Line Journal.

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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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