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There's not a whole lot that needs to be said about the joys of ziplining-the rush of adrenaline when zipping along at sixty-five miles per hour while taking in Alaska's stunning views simply can't be beat. Ziplining is an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience for all ages and levels of experience.

Alaska Canopy Adventures

Locally owned Alaska Canopy Adventures has received national recognition, including being named 'Tour of the Year' by Princess Cruises since 2006, receiving the coveted 'Excellence in Tourism Award.' and being honored with the 'Chuck West Award' for tour innovation and showing guests the true beauty of Alaska In addition to the highest standards of quality, the company is also one of the largest zipline operations in Alaska Guests experience a mountain climb in a Ummog. ziplines more than 600 feet long, breathtaking sky bridges, and rappels

The company states, 'Safely, guest enjoyment, and employee satisfaction drive ARS and ACA operations We are committed to delivering experiences that will make your Alaska visit the vacation of a lifetime' Alaska Canopy Adventures offers zipline excursions in Southeast Alaska in Ketchikan and Juneau

Denali zipline Tours

Denali Zipline Tours operates two locations: one in Denali and the other in Seward The tours are approximately three hours door-to-door and include nine ziplines. three suspension bridges, one rappel, and one spiral staircase Groups are comprised of eight guests or fewer

The pace and excitement of the tour varies as it progresses, with opportunities to gaze out from viewing platforms or long aerial bridges at lush boreal forests m Seward or over the Alaska Range in Denali

Employing as many locals as possible, the company, owned by Mark Wildermuth and Laura Caillet, states, "[Our] main goal for Denali Zipline Tours is to create a permanent and positive recreation facility for the community and to preserve [our] property in one piece well into the future' denateiplinetours com

Glacier View Adventures

A two-hour drive north of Anchorage. Glacier View Adventures boasts the fastest zipline in the state There are two zipline options, the Nitro and the G2. For the Nitro. after a short hike and ascending a three-story tower Ion a hill 150 feet above Matanuska River), guests leap off, traveling thirty lo forty miles per hour along 1,500 feet of zipline A shuttle takes guests to the top of a 250-foot cliff for the G2. for this ride, zipliners travel as fast as forty-five to sixty miles per hour for 2.200 feet Both ziplines provide stunning views of the Matanuska River, which is fed by Matanuska Glacier

zipline adventures can be bundled with Glacier View's other offerings, including an ATV tour, helicopter tour, luxury camping, or glacier trips

Denali Park Zipline

The Denali Park Zipline adventure begins with a three mile trail ride through the scenic Alaska wilderness After gearing up. certified guides lead participants along six sky bridges and seven thrilling ziplines The ziplines feature a built-m. hands-free braking system, allowing guests to relax and take in views of the mountains, tundra, and boreal forest The tour is approximately three hours long, and groups are maxed out with eight participants The ziplines are different heights, and the highest is fifty feet off the ground

Denali Park Zipline began running zipline lours in 2016: the company states 'The zip tour is built so you can experience and enjoy the views without the worry of hand braking or getting stuck on the lines-let your guides do the work The course is challenging in some aspects, but also inviting for first timers' denaliziplinecom

Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures & Chilkat Guides

Locally-owned and -operated for twenty-five years. Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures & Chilkat Guides offers a variety of tours and adventures in Skagway and Haines, including a rock climbing, rappelling, and ziplining active tour After climbing up and Then rappelling down the smooth granite walls of the White Pass, guests then take a turn on five ziplines through a coastal, temperate rainforest

Climbing routes range from easy to very challenging, so experience is not necessary for this adventure, and every climb culminates with views of The Skagway River, The White Pass and Yukon Route Railway, and surrounding wilderness The company states, 'Our double cable system has a hands-free, guide-controlled braking system which allows you to focus on having fun As you zip from platform to platform, fellow participants cheer you on* skagwayexcursion com

Alaska Zipline Adventures

Juneau-based Alaska Zipline Adventures is owned and operated by locals Gin and Davy Anderson, 'who are dedicated to providing a quality tour experience to their guests, creating a positive work environment for their staff, and finding ways to give back to their community and hometown.' the company says Alaska Zipline Adventures offers three zipline packages Alpine Zipline Adventure, Zip & Glacier Combo Tour, and Group Adventures The Alpine Zipline tour starts at the lodge al the Eaglecrest Ski Area in the Tongass National Forest After a safely briefing and practice run. guesls lake off from and land on unique, fully-enclosed treehouse platforms where they can pause to lake in the scenery and snap pictures The tour also includes a suspension bridge and an opportunity to try out axe throwing alaskazipcom

Icy Strait Point

Located in Hoonah. Icy Strait Point lays claim lo the world's longest zipline ride The ZipRider. The ZipRider is 5.485 leet long and boasts a vertical drop of 1.320 feet with an average grade of 25 percent There are six cables side by side, and guests can reach maximum speeds of sixty-five miles per hour On an average day the zipline sees 180 to 200 riders, but once accommodated 502 riders in one day

The company states, 'Unlike anything you've seen belore. the ZipRider zipline ride at Icy Strait Point is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience When the gales open, riders accelerate out and over a cliff and come as close lo a pure flying experience as humanly possible In front of you lies The panoramic view of Port Frederick and surrounding islands land] racing 300 feet beneath you is the dense forest canopy The typical ride takes 15 minutes and concludes on the beach at Icy Strait.' icyslraitpointcom
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