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Zine thing.


More from Winnipeg Manitoba ... Nice-looking cover and great layouts and words to boot. It's mostly skate photos accompanied by rants warning of the perils and evils of the world, which sounds a lot heavier than it actually is (although it's a far cry from the beer/travel/chicks/skate 'zine). There's an interview with Colin Lambert, some art-type stuff, and the funniest thing I've seen in a while: a picture of Saddam Hussein and a caption that reads "Mustache Rides: 80 Billion Dollars." Don't I owe you guys some stickers or something? This'll keep you occupied on the pot for a few pit stops. Send a couple bucks: 807-21 Mayfair PL, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 0A5, Canada


In what can only be described as a compilation of the lowest common denominator (well, maybe not that low) is Lowcard mag. Really not a lot going on organizationally or thematically, just a bunch of photos of raw skating and other rand acts of randomness. But wait! It's a Dan Drehobl interview! And a Jason Jessee interview! Enough content to keep yet peepers peekin', send 'em a buck: 530 Divisadero St #298, San Francisco, CA 94117


This one should serve as an example to others ... Obviously a product of regional pride (or something), it shows the San Pedro scene then and now. The work is top notch: great photos and photo reproduction, tight writing and editing, interesting stuff inside. It's got a piece on DIY spot the Channel Street Project, a write up on Toys That Kill (featuring former pro skater Todd Congelliere) and some other bands, a local taco truck review section, band, book and video reviews, some skating and some other random shit. There's also a great review called "D Boon in the Present Tense" (remember, the Minutemen were from San Pedro). And you'll probably recognize some of the names involved. Send a buck or two: PO Box 1794, San Pedro, CA 90733


Here to act as a salve for the soul, perhaps as a substitute for your crystals or daily chanting of your chakra, your yoga routine, or even the jasmine scented incense you've been meditating to, it's Cold Ones. Awright, just jokin' around, don't get yer hemp panties in a bunch; it ain't really that way. Cold Ones ain't no pseudo-spiritual rag; the cover's just a gag, get it kids? The same no-bullshit, fun-at-all-costs coverage of the San Jose area and elsewhere, including a trip to the Glory Hole, DIY skate construction, "Godzilla Versus Mega Muska," and rollerblading soft target Li'l Chubbs gets a taste of peer pressure and bad influences from the band the Cliftons. Send a buck or two to: 7135 Via Romero, San Jose, CA 95139


Another fine issue of one of the bigger (in size!) mags to cover the punk rocks and other noise and subculture. Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a regular contributor, what more do you need? This time it's a tour diary of his band, the Evaporators. But damn, man, they got more than Nardwuar! There are great columns, comics and interviews, including the Fuck Yeahs, a Hasil Adkins interview, Randy, and the Arizona Roller Derby girls (by yours truly). There's also the usual reviews (records, books, 'zines, videos--and it looks like they got smart and pulled the plug on Mike Beer's inane reviews). A top shelf countercultural mag, it's weeks of lavatory literature. Send $3 to: PO Box 42129, Los Angeles, CA 90042


Not a 'zine, by any means, this is a coffee table book for the Antiseen fan who needs to know it all about his/her favorite band, or for any punk fan interested in the mayhem-producing band. Starting at the early days (1983!) and coming to the present, the band's many incarnations and member changes are represented, as is a staggering amount of info and "stuff:" Press clips, photos, interviews, reviews (born good and bad. And some not in English!), lyrics, and so much other stuff. It's a fascinating read, including guitarist Joe Young's run for city council as a libertarian, and to be able to chart the evolution (20+ years!) of this punk band. Now let's see one for Poison Idea!


This one is straight out of the influenced-by-Cometbus pile: tales of punk rock girls, touting, the local habitat, punk rock girls, drinking, and punk rock girls. And even the layout. It's no knock-off, and to relate it to one of the world's best fanzines is nothing but a compliment. The writing is great, and like Cometbus the author finds the sort of universal truths that make a connection to the reader, which is a talent the greatest of novelists possess. Definitely worth your two dollars: 135 Wapwallopen Rd, Nescopeck, PA 18635


Great artistic creations sure are nice to look at but, by their very nature, they just sit there like lumps of coal. Gregory Maxwen Dunn II (can we just call you Greg?) knows that practicality goes a long way and turned his skate-art portfolio into a high-end glossy calender. It's art you can use, sort of. There was no contact info so maybe do some Google lurkage if you really want one.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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